Residential Fixtures

Jun 13, 11 Residential Fixtures

Needing to beautify your home with lighting? Look no further than! offers residential fixtures from Nuvo Lighting, Nora Lighting, Cree LED Lighting, Halo Lighting, and a number of other trusted manufacturers. Because lighting is an essential element in bringing your home to life, whether you are looking for general room lighting or task lighting, it is important to find fixtures that fit your needs as well as your decorating style.

The first thing to take into consideration when looking at lighting for a room is general lighting. General lighting usually consists of fluorescent fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans with light kits, close-to-ceiling fixtures, and in some cases, recessed cans. Most rooms require general lighting simply so the homeowner can get around without injury; even rooms that you keep dark most of the time need illumination for cleaning and other utility reasons. It is most helpful to think of general lighting as the “primer” for your room while other lighting sources provide the “paint.”

Once you have general lighting taken care of, you should consider task lighting. This lighting gives you illumination where you need to work or do other tasks. Reading lamps are essential next to beds, on desks, and near favorite reading spots. Under-cabinet fixtures give you light on the kitchen counters so you can work safely. Lighting around bathroom mirrors and on vanities provide light so you can see when applying makeup or other personal grooming tasks. A number of attractive options exist for task lighting that run the gamut from industrial-looking full spectrum lamps all the way to beautiful decorative shade lamps.

Another type of lighting to consider in your lighting scheme is lighting to enhance the look of a room. You can add spotlights to give works of art the lighting they deserve. You can use sconces on walls to illuminate columns of light or to add depth long hallways. Up-lights can work to show off architectural features or give a particular large plant the lighting it deserves. This type of highlighting helps to enhance what you want and makes the rest fade into the background.

You can beautify your home with residential fixtures designed to work with your home’s current décor. You can also start a redecorating project by starting with a new lighting fixture in a room. You can take a traditional room and lead it towards transitional with a modern light fixture. With so many options available, you can select a light fixture that is perfect for any room in your home. You can find them in a number of finishes ranging from polished brass to brushed nickel. With modern and traditional styles, the options for your home continue to grow. Find your new fixture today.

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Advantages of Electronic HID Ballasts

Jun 06, 11 Advantages of Electronic HID Ballasts

Electronic HID ballasts are a growing part of the market. These units combine the capacitor, ignitor, and mounting brackets into a single unit along with the ballast itself. There are advantages to this design that many companies are starting to use to their benefit. One benefit is up to 25% better energy efficiency than traditional magnetic ballasts, which can add up to significant savings every year.

Another advantage of these ballasts is their decreasing costs and increasing versatility. Over the past few years, the size and cost of electronic HID ballasts have been steadily decreasing. This evolution has increased the wattages available in these ballasts. Right now, much of the market is concentrated in the lower wattage range between 40W and 70W; however, the cost savings mentioned above is making the higher wattages more popular in many applications. Most manufacturers now offer wattages up to 450W.

Manufacturers now create electronic HID ballasts that can handle lamps of different voltages and mounting types. This increases versatility and the number of applications for this type of ballast. Some manufacturers have even introduced dimming electronic ballasts that allow interior spaces to take advantage of sunlight during the daytime. Retailers love this advantage and use it to their benefit every sunny day they can.

Electronic HID ballasts continue to build on their advantages, allowing the use of lower wattage bulbs and providing constant illumination through automatic voltage regulation; all of this is accomplished in a quiet, flicker-free, and economical package. All of these advantages make them the ballast of choice for many commercial lighting designers today, and their increasing versatility and rapidly falling prices, electronic ballasts are becoming the industry favorites.

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Antique Bulbs Bring Authenticity to Your Home

Antique bulbs offer traditional homes the ability to remain authentic to their architecture. These bulbs capture the style and shapes of bulbs created decades ago. If you live in an old home that captures the style of a by-gone era, you need bulbs that reflect the unique period in which your home was built. Luckily, manufacturers such as FerroWatt, Bulbrite, and Antique Light Bulb Co. are still producing these bulbs.

There is a variety of period-inspired Antique and Vintage bulbs available. Edison bulbs are one popular style for those who live in homes from the late 19th century into the first decade of the 20th century. The bulbs feature hand-blown glass and multiple-loop carbon filaments that produce a dim, yet beautiful glow unparalleled by bulbs on the market today, including mass-produced tungsten filament incandescent bulbs. With these lamps, your home will look like you stepped into another era.

The traditional Edison style has been copied and modified over the decades. Other light bulb manufacturers came up with their own designs. Some came up with different envelopes (the glass part of the bulb) to suit different styles and needs. Some even experimented with different formations of the bulb filament. The Marconi bulb, for example, features a “Squirrel Cage” filament that replicates the look of vacuum tubes in antique radios and telegraphs.

The options for antique bulbs continue to grow as these unique bulbs evolve into new decorative forms. You might want a star-shaped decorative light, for instance, a pagoda style bulb, or even a vintage twist on your chandelier bulbs. With antique bulbs, you can find a light bulb to suit your home’s style and your sense of whimsy. With so many options available, the hard part will be selecting only one lamp.

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HID and Metal Halide Bulbs

Apr 11, 11 HID and Metal Halide Bulbs

With the increasing push to make lighting more efficient, many designers are starting to look at metal halide and other HID (high intensity discharge) lamps as a viable alternative to fluorescent and incandescent lighting sources. Though this light source has been traditionally used in warehouses, parking lots, and other commercial areas, its use has recently expanded, making it a viable lighting alternative even in outdoor residential settings.

What are HID lamps? These lamps are compact and efficient sources of powerful light that require a ballast, much like fluorescent lamps. Also like fluorescents, these lamps use rare earth metal salts in combination with mercury vapor stored in a vacuum tube. When electricity passes through the lamp’s electrodes, the vapor and salts illuminate, producing a large amount of light in the right color spectrum. This type of energy-efficient lighting works well in general lighting situations, as floodlights, and in security areas.

HID lamps take a short amount of time to get to their brightest illumination. The temperature and pressure inside the vacuum needs to reach an optimal temperature before maximum illumination happens. Some will take only a few seconds while some may require a couple of minutes. When a lamp shuts off, many of them require a few minutes to cool down before they can be re-lit.

If you are considering HID lighting, you can do no better than pulse start metal halides. These are the most energy-efficient of HID lighting types, and their cost is becoming more affordable. Their small bulb shape allows them to offer many advantages that fluorescent sources cannot, and with their long lamp life, you will find their cost low in comparison to incandescents.

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Save Money With LED Light Bulbs

Apr 04, 11 Save Money With LED Light Bulbs

After a seemingly endless period of anticipation, LED light bulbs and other forms of LED lighting are starting to make a dent in the lighting marketplace. In 2011, consumers will be astounded by the new array of LED lighting, LED bulbs, and LED fixture choices on the market. As LED lighting continues to improve, manufacturers all over the globe are conducting research in order to bring costs down and provide more options to consumers.

Though this sudden emergence of LED lighting products can mean both good and bad things for consumers, one good thing is definite: Lower prices. Even a couple of years ago, manufacturers could not produce LED lighting in an affordable range for most consumers. Commercial customers were able to swing the high cost of entry with products like LED recessed ceiling fixtures, but consumers were by and large left out. In other words, the technology was there, it just couldn’t be replicated on a large enough scale to bring costs down and appeal to the homeowner. However, technological advances as well as manufacturing improvements have led to a steady decrease in prices of LED technology.

Because competition always breeds lower prices for consumers, this trend will continue as more manufacturers enter the marketplace. At the same time, consumers are starting to demand better quality from LED manufacturers. Until now, many manufacturers released sub-par products, believing poor quality could be masked by shockingly low prices. Such lower quality products left a bad taste in many consumers’ mouths; these consumers will now have to be won over again with quality that surpasses price. Manufacturers can now be seen offering up-front guarantees on the longevity of their products and clearly mapping out the return on investment associated with their LED light bulbs, LED fixtures, and other LED lighting products.

Lower prices and superior quality in LED lighting have paved the way for more widespread use of LED technology. 10 years ago, LED lighting was a novelty, not a mainstream product, but now manufacturers are starting to improve LED technology by making them in forms that consumers will use more readily. Keep an eye out: While there are LED lights available in typical Edison-style bulb shapes, there are also LED products in forms that weren’t imaginable mere months ago. This means that consumers have a wider selection and will start readily adopting this technology as it becomes more affordable.

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