Five Things To Know Before Buying LEDs


Whether you care about saving energy or the environment (or you just like to be the most technologically savvy member of your group) you’ve taken an interest in LED light bulbs. At the very least, you’ve heard of them because of the EISA light bulb ban or have seen them advertised in your local department store. Regardless, you’re ready to try out your first LED bulb, and you want to make sure you get what you need. Continue Reading


From Watts to Lumens: Choosing Lights Based on Brightness


When incandescent light bulbs were the only options on the market, wattage (or power supply) was viewed as a measurement of a light’s strength, or brightness. However, the magic of LEDs and CFLs is that they can produce comparable levels of brightness while using very little power. This means that when choosing new, energy-efficient lights, wattage is no longer an accurate estimate of a bulb’s light output. To light your home the way you intend, you must stop thinking about watts and start thinking about lumens. Continue Reading