Residential Fixtures


Needing to beautify your home with lighting? Look no further than 1000Bulbs.com! 1000Bulbs.com offers residential fixtures from Nuvo Lighting, Nora Lighting, Cree LED Lighting, Halo Lighting, and a number of other trusted manufacturers. Because lighting is an essential element in bringing your home to life, whether you are looking for general room lighting or task lighting, it is important to find fixtures that fit your needs as well as your decorating style.

The first thing to take into consideration when looking at lighting for a room is general lighting. General lighting usually consists of fluorescent fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans with light kits, close-to-ceiling fixtures, and in some cases, recessed cans. Most rooms require general lighting simply so the homeowner can get around without injury; even rooms that you keep dark most of the time need illumination for cleaning and other utility reasons. It is most helpful to think of general lighting as the “primer” for your room while other lighting sources provide the “paint.”

Once you have general lighting taken care of, you should consider task lighting. This lighting gives you illumination where you need to work or do other tasks. Reading lamps are essential next to beds, on desks, and near favorite reading spots. Under-cabinet fixtures give you light on the kitchen counters so you can work safely. Lighting around bathroom mirrors and on vanities provide light so you can see when applying makeup or other personal grooming tasks. A number of attractive options exist for task lighting that run the gamut from industrial-looking full spectrum lamps all the way to beautiful decorative shade lamps.

Another type of lighting to consider in your lighting scheme is lighting to enhance the look of a room. You can add spotlights to give works of art the lighting they deserve. You can use sconces on walls to illuminate columns of light or to add depth long hallways. Up-lights can work to show off architectural features or give a particular large plant the lighting it deserves. This type of highlighting helps to enhance what you want and makes the rest fade into the background.

You can beautify your home with residential fixtures designed to work with your home’s current décor. You can also start a redecorating project by starting with a new lighting fixture in a room. You can take a traditional room and lead it towards transitional with a modern light fixture. With so many options available, you can select a light fixture that is perfect for any room in your home. You can find them in a number of finishes ranging from polished brass to brushed nickel. With modern and traditional styles, the options for your home continue to grow. Find your new fixture today.

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