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Five Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Well-lit Summer

Ready for barbecues and pool parties, but don’t know how to distinguish your yard for your guests? Here are five outdoor lighting ideas to get you prepped and ready for your summertime fun.

Entertain with a Starry Night

Patio Light Strings

Make every night a starry night with commercial duty patio light strings! With a variety of light strings in different lengths, colors, and socket sizes, the design possibilities are endless. Fasten them to wood beams on your porch or string them across your backyard. Use colored S14 bulbs to give your yard a colorful glow or keep it simple with clear white A15 bulbs for a peaceful, star-like sky. For a DIY project, attach paper lanterns to your patio light strings to give your yard that additional touch of drama.


Add an Electrifying Look

LED Tape Light

Don't limit yourself to a standard light bulb! Flexible and easy to use, LED tape light has become a popular addition to many homes, accenting windows, door frames, and stairways. It features an adhesive backing for easy installation and comes in a variety of colors, lengths, voltages, and outputs. For use outdoors, make sure it has an IP65 rating. Line the outer edge of pools, windows, and wooden beams to give your backyard an electrifying look!


Light Up Your Landscape

MR16 Landscape Lighting

Are you the person with incredible landscaping, lawn sculptures, and garden statues? Light your landscape with MR16 bulbs! The bulbs come in a myriad of color temperatures, beam angles, and wattages to ensure you get the right effect on your yard. Use warm white bulbs with a 3000K color temperature or less to showcase your statues, and bulbs with a color temperature of 4000K or higher to highlight your elegant lawn sculptures. For added appeal, try colored MR16 bulbs to enhance the look of your lawn ornaments.


Create Ambiance

LED Candles

Made of wax, these flameless candles have a realistic look, but feature LED bulbs as their light source, removing any possible risks if the candles fall over due to wind or other causes.  As a safe alternative around kids and pets, the battery operated candles create a warm atmosphere, perfect for a nighttime aura. Use them as an accent for a patio table or place them around outdoor bar for a warm ambiance. For a unique DIY project, place them in mason jars and hang them in different areas around the yard.


Enjoy Your Picnic

Insect Inn Ultra II

Don’t want pests buzzing around your family barbecue? From yellow incandescent and CFL bulbs to insect control systems, there are many products to reduce the appearance of pests during your time outdoors. The Paraclipse control systems eliminate flies, mosquitos, and other pests by attracting them with a special ultraviolet lighting and trapping them in a sticky, auto advancing cartridge system, allowing you to fully enjoy your time outdoors. For convenience, try the Insect Inn Ultra, a decorative wall mount unit that stays out of the way of you and your guests.


What are some of your favorite outdoor lighting ideas? Let us know in the comments or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!

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