Get Your LED Christmas Lights Early!


It’s that time of year again: Christmas in July. Not only does this magical season give you the opportunity to buy discounted inventory, it also allows you the best chance to secure 2012’s “latest and greatest” high-tech Christmas lights and decorations. You don’t want to be the only home on the block without them, do you? These products move fast, so if you pick up only one or two light strings, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get a larger quantity of matching lights when you need them later in the year.

Buying matching lights is essential since mixing lights from two or more manufacturers inevitably leads to color and performance discrepancies, especially among LED Christmas lights. If you aren’t careful, come October or November you could be stuck with a collection of off-colored, flickering light strings with irregular spacing and a phone book’s worth of manufacturer names. In the 2011 Christmas season, 25% more of our customers chose LED over traditional incandescent Christmas lights, when compared to the 2010 season. That’s the most rapid adoption of any technology we’ve seen, and it’s especially amazing considering traditional incandescent lights outnumbered our LEDs last year two to one. We project even bigger LED adoption this year, so if you don’t want to find yourself in the scenario described above, buy early and in bulk.

The increasing adoption of LED Christmas lights means we’re putting special emphasis on LED quality this year. Our buyers have traveled to trade shows and lighting fairs around the country to hand-pick the best Christmas lights available. Not all LEDs are created equal, so we only bring in the LED lights that do best in demonstrations and that manufacturers test for longevity. In some cases, we’ve even had lights manufactured to our custom specifications!

If you’re still skeptical about LED technology, consider this: A recent poll on our Facebook page shows that while some customers are still waiting to switch, early adopters of LED lights are overwhelmingly satisfied with them. Since LED technology becomes more efficient and less expensive every year, you can bet our 2012 selection will meet your expectations. If you’re still wondering just what LEDs can do for you, watch our Christmas YouTube videos to see some of the infinite possibilities of LED Christmas lights.

If you transition to LED lights this year, you’ll have a partner every step of the way in 1000Bulbs.com. Industry-leading professionals have trained our sales staff to assist customers with large orders, ensuring the products you buy are compatible with each other and guiding customers in the setup of more intricate systems. If you have a question down the road, our customer service team can answer questions and aid in troubleshooting. Rest assured we will do everything possible to ensure you have the best lighting display possible this Christmas!

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Benjamin is a writer for 1000Bulbs.com.

  • D.W.

    LED lights are excellent. They save electricity, run cool, and you can run many strings in a series compared to incandescent lights. The bulbs tend to last longer, and if one goes bad, it doesn’t affect the remainder.

    However, there is one problem with all LED strings I have seen. After a time, they tend to have half- or whole strands go dead at once. They might all go dim, they might flicker on and off, or they go all the way dead. This is a problem manufacturers need to address, as it is a waste to spend good money on LEDs and have this problem develop when the bulbs still have more than 90% of their lives left. I believe the problem is in the wiring or the resistors–no brand I have tried is totally immune to this wasteful problem.

  • Lee Ann

    Well it’s dec 2012 and I’m sooo done with Christmas lights!! Was trying to do some research to figure out best brand, best type, longest lasting lights there is to buy. Came across your site and I hoping you are the answer to my prayers!!
    We bought led c9 style (i think thats the style) a couple years ago. Standing outside looking at tree in window, you can barely see the lights are on. Thought they were supposed to be brighter. I also need to replace ALL my lights on a 8′ tree along w all outside lights. OMG I’m scared to think of the cost..but I’m sick of replacing every couple years. So PLEASE PLEASE help me determine what to buy. Dun w the cheap brands at kmart, walmart etc. All I know is we want MULTICOLOR. We even still have some of the good ole big bulbs from many many years ago. Last years but a bit tooooo hot and scary.
    If you can help me I would sooo appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Lee Ann Ferguson

    Thank you for relying. Ugh that unfortunately sounds like morework than wanting to invest. If I didn’t want the c9 style, what’s the next best route? Do lights have different qualities? Like the Kmart version, to the warehouse store to a Christmas store (bronners in Michigan?) or even yours? I just wanna make sure if I make this investment there will be a different outcome that replacing light in a couple years, if that!! I appreciate you time. If u would like you can just email me if that is better. Merry CHRISTmas!

    • Benjamin Rorie

      Lee Ann,

      You could use LED C7 light strings, which have bulbs that are slightly smaller than the C9 (7/8 inch in diameter for C7 vs. 1.125 inch for C9).

      As for quality, I can assure you our Christmas lights are higher quality than those of “big box” stores and drug stores which use thin wire gauge, old technology LEDs, and wide bulb spacing (fewer bulbs per string). Sure, they may sometimes be cheaper, but they’ll only last one season. Stores like that count on you losing your receipt or forgetting altogether where you bought them when the lights go out. I can’t personally speak for Bronner’s since I’ve never used them.

      And merry Christmas to you as well!