How to Revive Your Valentine’s Day Roses

Rose image used courtesy of T. Kiya

Valentine’s Day has just come to a close, as did one of my favorite holidays: National “Discounted Chocolate” Day. Unfortunately, you’ll find that many of your cut roses have already started to droop or wilt, even after being placed in water immediately. You might even wonder if there’s a way you can revive those flowers to save them for a few extra days of beauty. The good news is that yes you can, and it’s a fairly simple process, too. As an alternative, you could grow your own roses, giving you fresh flowers every day! Continue Reading


Greenhouse Automation

Image used courtesy of Guy Sie

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a “set-and-forget” hydroponics garden? What if you could transplant your seedlings into new pots and return later to harvest fresh vegetables without ever having to set foot in the greenhouse on your own? Sure, this isn’t ideal for everyone (gardening can be very therapeutic), but there are some tasks and types of plants that would be great to automate and remove from your daily routine. We haven’t been able to automate everything yet, but it’s possible to make life much simpler with a few devices in key locations. Continue Reading