2-Pin & 4-Pin Plug In Lamps Go LED

Maxlite 73907 Q24q LED 4-Pin Bulb

There’s a good chance you may not have noticed the plug-in (PL) lamps being used in the businesses you visit each day.  If you look up the next time you walk into a fast food restaurant, movie theater or hotel they’ll be hard to miss.  These bulbs have been available as compact fluorescent lights (CFL) for years but LED versions are now available. Read More


How to Revive Your Valentine’s Day Roses

Rose image used courtesy of T. Kiya

Valentine’s Day has just come to a close, as did one of my favorite holidays: National “Discounted Chocolate” Day.  Unfortunately, you’ll find that many of your cut roses have already started to droop or wilt, even after being placed in water immediately.  You might even wonder if there’s a way you can revive those flowers to save them for a few extra days of beauty.  The good news is that yes you can, and it’s a fairly simple process, too.  As an alternative, you could grow your own roses, giving you fresh flowers every day! Read More


Five Things To Know Before Buying LEDs


Whether you care about saving energy or the environment (or you just like to be the most technologically savvy member of your group) you’ve taken an interest in LED light bulbs. At the very least, you’ve heard of them because of the EISA light bulb ban or have seen them advertised in your local department store. Regardless, you’re ready to try out your first LED bulb, and you want to make sure you get what you need. While we have an excellent LED Light Bulb Buyers Guide on our site to help you get started, it doesn’t discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when replacing their old bulbs with LEDs or offer advice on how to avoid them. That’s where this article comes in. Read More


Five Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Lighting


The kitchen–it’s the part of your home that enjoys the most love, probably because that’s where the food lives. It can be a place where unforgettable meals are prepared or a neutral space where families come together. Regardless, whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, the kitchen is an important area. With the use of lighting enhancements like island pendants, strip lights, recessed lights, dimmers and ceiling fans, you can show off your kitchen’s charm in a whole new light.

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What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

Image used courtesy of Charles Williams

Finding the Right Fit: Buyers Guide Part 1

Whether it’s a new build, remodel or replacement, there’s a great deal to consider when buying a new ceiling fan.  While you could just buy and install any ceiling fan, you may find that you aren’t getting the best cooling power or the most energy efficient fan if you pick up the first one you see.  Differences in motor type, size and number of blades, distance from the floor, and fan speed should all be considered before you purchase a new fan.  Once you start paying attention to the technical side of ceiling fans, things can get somewhat overwhelming.  Don’t worry; a little guidance will clear things up nicely. Read More


From Watts to Lumens: Choosing Lights Based on Brightness


When incandescent light bulbs were the only options on the market, wattage (or power supply) was viewed as a measurement of a light’s strength, or brightness. However, the magic of LEDs and CFLs is that they can produce comparable levels of brightness while using very little power. This means that when choosing new, energy-efficient lights, wattage is no longer an accurate estimate of a bulb’s light output. To light your home the way you intend, you must stop thinking about watts and start thinking about lumens.

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