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Antique Edison Bulbs Get An LED Upgrade

Dec 08, 14 Antique Edison Bulbs Get An LED Upgrade

Antique-style Edison bulbs are a subtle update people use in their home or business to help make their fixtures pop.  Few people look up while their dining at their favorite restaurant or watering hole. But, if you were to there’s a chance you may notice these antique bulbs helping to set the mood.  They provide a vintage look and are often used with a modern fixture to balance its appearance in a room.  Their amber glow instantly changes whatever room they’re placed in.

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5 of the Best Christmas Light Shows in America

Dec 08, 14 5 of the Best Christmas Light Shows in America

The Christmas season is moving at full speed.  Most people already have their lights and displays up, making for pleasant night drives in any community.  But at least once a season it’s worth it to travel a bit further to one of the largest Christmas light shows in the US.  Every year, people, organizations, and cities spend hundreds of hours programming and piecing together extravagant light shows with thousands upon thousands of individual light bulbs.  These shows can be spectacular, but others can be duds.  To help you find the best shows, we’d like to give you a list of some of the best Christmas light mega-shows in the nation.

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10 Must-Have Christmas Decorations from

Dec 05, 14 10 Must-Have Christmas Decorations from

It happens to the best of us. You think you have everything you need to dress up your home for the holidays, but when the time comes to decorate, you realize you’re in need of a few finishing touches. If you’re wondering how to complete your repertoire of Christmas decorations, don’t sweat it: we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or you simply enjoy the Christmas spirit in your home, these decorations can top off your holiday décor. We know you weren’t born yesterday – but some of our ideas may surprise you!

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LED Highlights of 2014

Dec 03, 14 LED Highlights of 2014

Since LED technology was introduced there have been plenty of innovative designs and transformations within the lighting industry. In 2014 we saw amazing advancements in LED technology and recognition. From a Nobel Prize to printable lights, it has been a year of progress for LEDs.  In case you missed it, here are a few LED highlights from 2014.

read more Becomes First Online-Only Retailer to Supply Cree® LED Bulbs

Dec 02, 14 Becomes First Online-Only Retailer to Supply Cree® LED Bulbs

Internet lighting retailer is proud to be named the first authorized online-only store to carry Standard A-Type and Reflector LED light bulbs from Cree.  Customers will now be able to shop Cree’s extensive line of LED products at, including their line of Cree® LED Bulbs as well as their assortment of commercial LED downlights and troffers.

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What are Full Wave LED Christmas Lights?

Dec 01, 14 What are Full Wave LED Christmas Lights?

LED Christmas lights become more popular every year.  They last longer and are less susceptible to vibrations or damage, but you may have noticed something odd (or had a friend who noticed) about the light given off by your new Christmas lights.  The bulbs may seem to flicker while you stare at them.  This is especially noticeable if the light string is moving in the breeze or on a display and can be very distracting or annoying.  The cause of this flicker is in how the LED string is designed:  Whether it uses full-wave or half-wave rectification.

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