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Sony Launches LED Light Bulb Speaker

Sony LSPX-100E26J LED Light Bulb Speaker

While more widely known for the Xperia brand smartphones and their line of cameras and camcorders, Sony, is looking to dabble in the LED lighting arena as well.  The maker of the Walkman launched an LED light bulb that also contains a speaker.  This continues in a trend that has developed over the last year where more technology is being integrated into lighting as it goes more high tech.

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What is Inrush Current?

Image used courtesy of Paul Cross

As our lighting systems become more efficient, and more complicated, new problems arise from within the circuits themselves.  In the immortal words of James Doohan’s character, Montgomery Scott, “The more they overtake the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”  Inrush current is one such problem.  In lighting, the energy-efficient electronic ballast (or in the case of LED lighting, the electronic driver) is boosting efficiency at the cost of compromising older components.  This isn’t a new problem, but the newer ballasts and drivers have made it a bigger problem than it was before, and it’s a problem we’d like to address today. Continue Reading


The Rise of the LED Street Light


As LED technology continues to manifest in different facets of our daily lives, one place that they are becoming increasingly more popular are the streets. Traditionally, our streets have been illuminated by high-pressure sodium lamps, which utilize excited sodium particles to produce light. LED street lights have proven to have several benefits over these lamps, including producing more light per watt and sporting longer lifetimes; however, there are some drawbacks to these lights, such as glare. Let’s get a better understanding of LED street lights and how they are quickly becoming the new lights that guide our paths.

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How to Clone a Lily Bulb

Image used courtesy of Andrew Writer

Lilies are very popular with hobbyists and florist shops alike.  They’re beautiful and, with the proper care, grow and multiply year after year.  It takes a little while, but it’s entirely possible to grow an entire bed of lilies from just a single starter plant.  Propagating lilies from a bulb is fairly simple, and cloning can help to speed up the spread of a slowly propagating plant.  A word of advice:  cloning a lily bulb means you’ll also be cloning any viruses currently active in the plant, so be sure to check for viruses before cloning to ensure you have a healthy plant! Continue Reading


The Evolution of Artificial Lighting, Pt. 3


In Part 1 we covered the origins of pre-electrical lamps, concluding with the popularization of kerosene lamps in 900 AD. In Part 2 we discussed early 19th century experiments with electrical lighting and the creation of the first practical-use incandescent light bulb. Now in Part 3, we go over 20th century modern lighting and the development of halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED lights. Continue Reading