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Lighting Tips for your Home Office

Jan 09, 15 Lighting Tips for your Home Office

The ways in which businesses operate are changing, with more and more people working from home. While this is often a practical solution for both employers and staff, it can sometimes be difficult for work-at-homers to separate their work and home environments. Though many people have a spare room for a home office, those who don’t or want to make their space feel more “business-like” may appreciate some tips to emphasize the barrier between the two domains. Little-known fact: changing your lighting can be key to making your home office feel a little less like “home.”

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CES 2015 Light Bulbs Updates

Jan 06, 15 CES 2015 Light Bulbs Updates

Thousands are people swarm to Las Vegas every January for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  It’s the place where you can check out the newest hottest trends and get a glimpse into the future of technology.  While brands like Samsung and Sony are showing off their latest HDTVs and speakers, you’ll also find a growing selection of LED bulbs.

Over the course of 2014 light bulbs made the transition from being an appliance to a gadget.  With the introduction of connected LED bulbs, they are taking on the role of doing more than just providing light.  You can use apps to change the color of your bulbs, dim them or even turn them off.  As new functionality is being thought of, companies are using CES as a platform to introduce these ideas and gauge interest.

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Why Do My Lights Hum?

Jan 05, 15 Why Do My Lights Hum?

Maybe they just have a song in their wires?  In all seriousness, humming or buzzing in your lights can be maddening.  Whether it’s coming from incandescents, fluorescents, or LEDs, the problem usually stems from vibration caused by the voltage applied.  The vibration itself isn’t always the fault of the bulb either, other devices on the same electrical line can lead to noisy lines or noisy light bulbs too.  Usually, this hum is a fairly easy fix so long as you know what to look for, which is great since this is a common problem.

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Accent Lighting Techniques

Jan 02, 15 Accent Lighting Techniques

The three layers of lighting design – ambient, task, and accent lighting – are necessary to sufficiently illuminate any home. The ambient layer provides general overhead lighting, the task layer provides directional lighting for activities, and the accent layer provides creative lighting to highlight artwork, objects, or architectural features for decoration. However, while nearly every home successfully incorporates the ambient and task layers, many fail to take full advantage of the accent layer—mostly because it can be difficult to get it “right.” Nonetheless, wisely using backlighting, display lighting, uplighting, and wall-washing techniques can do a lot to enhance your home’s visual appeal.

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How Water Quality Affects Your Plants

Dec 29, 14 How Water Quality Affects Your Plants

Water is vital for life as we know it.  With the exception of certain types of microbes, everything on earth needs water to survive and requires it to thrive.  But just as there are many different types of living things on Earth, the type of water needed (mostly what’s dissolved in the water) varies from organism to organism.  The water you need for drinking and the water you use on your plants for nourishment are, by necessity, different.  Take a look at where your water comes from, what could be in your water, and how you can find out for yourself.

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The Evolution of The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

Dec 26, 14 The Evolution of The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

At 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball will begin its descent as millions of viewers gather to celebrate the start of the New Year. Since its first drop in 1907, watching this gigantic glowing orb fall 141 feet during the countdown to midnight has become a worldwide tradition. But while you may have noticed some changes in its appearance over the years, do you know the history behind this ritual and how we went from a small iron ball to the tech-savvy LED ball we’ll be dropping at the start of 2015?

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