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Patriotic Lights for the 4th of July


At, we carry lights for every need or occasion, and one of those occasions is certainly the Fourth of July. Hosting a cook out or backyard barbecue for this beloved American holiday is a great way to celebrate, but after the sky starts to darken and you’re waiting for those colorful explosions to brighten the night, you’ll need a little illumination for your ongoing festivities. Why not light up the party in style? In this week’s post, we bring “Fourth” some patriotic lighting ideas. Continue Reading


How to Stop Mold or Mildew

How to treat mold or mildew

Regardless of how experienced you are at gardening, if you’ve grown plants, you’ve seen that feared appearance of white, fuzzy splotches on your beautiful plants; the zombie horde of death-devouring mold and mildew that slips onto your garden like a tangible fog.  You close the door and turn out the light, only to find one or more plants have gained a fur-coat of mold overnight.  But just what is it, and how can you fight back?  First, find out what’s growing on your plants.  Is it mold, mildew, or some other type of fungus?  The most typical type of fungus you’ll find is a white, powder-like substance colloquially known as powdery mildew.  We’ll address how to treat this specific case, but many of these techniques will work so long as you’re facing a similar type of mold or mildew. Continue Reading


Lighting in the News


The world of lighting has seen quite a few changes in the last couple of weeks. We’ve watched as Philips partnered with Apple, the introduction of a light bulb that lasts nearly 40 years and an incredibly affordable LED replacement bulb. In case you missed it, here are a few quick recaps of the recent events in lighting. Continue Reading


Preparing for New Electrical Outlets


It’s easy to overlook the finer details when moving into a new home. More often than not, one of those details is conveniently-placed electrical outlets. You may decide, for instance, that your television would look better on the opposite wall of where your outlet and cable connection are located, or perhaps you discover that you don’t have enough outlets in your kitchen. Admittedly, these issues can be fixed with unsightly power strips or extension cords, but installing new electrical outlets where they always should have been is your ideal solution. So how do you go about adding new outlets to your home? Continue Reading


Cool DIY Lighting Projects for Kids


The kiddos are officially out of school and ready to begin their task of making you insane for the summer. Before you begin pulling your hair out clump by clump, it may help to round up a few quick supplies for some easy and fun kid-friendly DIY projects. Using only a few simple items, you can keep your kiddos busy (at least for a while).  Here are a few fun and educational lighting ideas for your tikes.

*Please note: As with any project involving sharp objects, be sure that your children are under adult supervision.

Continue Reading


A Quick Guide to Bollards

Bollard Lighting Guide

The term “bollard” probably comes from the word “bole,” meaning “post.”  A very apt term since a bollard is just that, a post.  Originally, bollards were simply mooring posts used to tie up ships in harbors.  A simple wooden post was buried in the ground to create a tie-off point.  As time wore on, cannon were used instead.  Old or unusable cannon were buried into the shore-line or bolted onto the docks, with the muzzle facing down, to create new moorings.  The trunnion (the small spokes on either side which are used as a fulcrum) and bell shape of the cannon make for a mooring that ropes won’t easily slide from.  The shapes of these cannon led the way to current bollards with their bell-shapes.  Modern bollards are used for path lighting, traffic guides, and to block access to certain areas. Continue Reading