Recent Posts Honored by Dallas 100™ Award from SMU Cox School of Business for 8th Consecutive Year

Nov 27, 14 Honored by Dallas 100™ Award from SMU Cox School of Business for 8th Consecutive Year

Internet lighting retailer has been honored by the Dallas 100™ Awards for the eighth consecutive year, placing 28th amongst 100 of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Dallas area for 2014. Since placing 88th in 2007, this is the highest has been ranked on the prestigious awards list yet. is one of the few online retailers to receive an award this year.

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Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

Nov 27, 14 Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

Every year you’ll find fantastic deals for Black Friday.  And while we’re as glad as any to give you access to huge discounts on products, we know that the long lines, early mornings, and cold weather following a sedate Thanksgiving can be a huge shock to the system (not to mention the ferocious press of people all seeking the same great deals in-store).  That’s why we recommend the relaxed and warm environment of Cyber Monday, so you can get great deals from the comfort of your couch.  At we have something for everyone, from commercial fixtures and residential lighting to Christmas decorations and the ubiquitous AA battery.  But it’s best to plan ahead since access to all of these great prices is only on December 1, 2014, and once they go live, they’ll sell out fast!

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Gallery and Museum Lighting

Nov 26, 14 Gallery and Museum Lighting

Art is in the eye of the beholder, but without accurate lighting the beholder may miss the brushstrokes. Whether it’s a small scale gallery or a full-size museum, appropriate lighting ensures artwork is seen at its fullest enchantment.  Just recently, Michelangelo’s painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was updated using 7,000 LEDs. The ceiling was fading from sunlight exposure, and standard halogen lighting. With the switch to LEDs, this classic work of art is being seen in a completely different light.  So, if you’ve been considering changing the lighting in your gallery or museum, here are a few reasons to move towards LEDs.

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Nov 25, 14 Unveils Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Shoppers are able to enjoy Black Friday sales each weekend in November at New sales will be announced every Friday which will last through to the following Sunday. All previous sales will once again be offered on the actual day of Black Friday on November 28, with the addition of several other incredibly priced items. A few extra surprises are waiting until Cyber Monday. All product quantities are limited due to deep discounts and supply.

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Beat the Winter Blues with Lighting

Nov 24, 14 Beat the Winter Blues with Lighting

With the fall season in full swing, and winter just on the horizon, the daylight hours are shorter, reducing the amount of sunlight we get daily.  This lack of natural lighting has the unintended effect of triggering seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in certain every fall and winter.  This seasonal depression can remove the joy from what should otherwise be great seasons.  Fortunately, if you suffer from SAD, adding more light to your life can work as a remedy.  You’ve probably seen advertisements for SAD lamps with full spectrum lighting, however, what makes them different from any other light bulb or lamp?

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GE Doesn’t Disappoint with New 100W Replacement LED

Nov 21, 14 GE Doesn’t Disappoint with New 100W Replacement LED

When 100W incandescent bulbs were banned nearly two years ago due to rising efficiency standards, many replacement LEDs rose to the task of providing the same level of brightness while using less power. But as we all know, not all LED bulbs are created equal. According to a recent review by CNET, GE’s new 100W Equal LED is one of the best of these replacements.

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