Using Halogens and Light Dimmers as a CFL Alternative
savings when compared with traditional incandescent bulbs. While slightly more expensive than their like CFLs have an alternative in halogen light bulbs. Halogen bulbs offer a great deal of energy future energy savings. While CFLs are still preferred as energy-saving light sources, halogens can still energy saving -20% in electricity costs, but dimming can equate to energy savings of 50-60%. Further dimming puts
Energy-Saving Light Bulbs [Video]
, especially referring to light bulbs. But just what is an energy-saving light bulb? Though there is no , also titled "Energy-Saving Light Bulbs." So grab some popcorn and sit back! (Assuming that's OK with Energy-Saving Light Bulbs [Video] topic: Energy-saving light bulbs. "Energy-saving" is a term thrown around pretty often these days energy saving here on the blog and in our Wednesday Lighting Q&A on Facebook is about energy-saving bulbs . Specifically, people want to know what defines an energy-saving light bulb and what makes an LED better than’s Energy Savings Calculator Shows Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting, has created their own energy savings calculator to accompany all compact fluorescent -efficient alternatives, Internet lighting retailer,, has created their own Energy Savings Calculator Energy Savings Calculator everything they need to know about the savings that comes with energy-efficient lighting. By taking the’s Energy Savings Calculator Shows Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting investment. This Energy Savings/ROI calculator features customizable fields that can be adjusted to January of 2014, the Energy Savings Calculator has the ability to show customers need to know about the savings that comes with energy-efficient lighting. CEO Kim Pedersen. “Our new Energy Savings Calculator provides the important cost and
A Guide to Energy-Efficient Office Lighting
energy savings of LEDs. LED lighting uses about 75 to 80 percent less energy than incandescent light lighting, upgrading to T8 fluorescent tubes will make a huge difference in energy savings and light quality. However, if you want to make an even bigger difference in energy savings, switch to 18-watt
How to Choose Under Cabinet Lights
depends on how much you value dimming, heat reduction, color accuracy, and energy savings. Xenon under energy saving , choose Xenon, but if you prefer energy savings and cool operation, go with fluorescent or LED. Of brightness. Xenon Light Bulb LED Under Cabinet Light Bar LED is the newest, most energy saving option for Offering Kobi Electric 277-Volt LED Reflector Lamps
an annual energy savings of 85 percent, these high-voltage LED reflector lamps are RoHs compliant and upgrading outdated lighting to energy-saving LED. Capable of lasting more than 25,000 hours with very little
The Lighting Facts Label Explained
promise with the Nutrition Facts label. However, there is immediate compensation in energy savings when energy saving
An Explanation for CFL Pin Types
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Take Advantage Of Outdoor Lighting Controls
operate and retain higher property values. As well as all the possible energy savings, organizations and cost savings but may allow you to take advantage of state and local tax incentives. According to of 30% savings but if controls were incorporated, that number could reach 50% in energy savings. LED Manufacturers Association (NEMA) estimates energy savings from a lighting system upgrade would reach a minimum Environmental Design). This internationally recognized certification can not only help improve energy
Do Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Save Money?
energy saving lights energy-saving alternatives would cost you annually. Let’s say you have 40 light bulb sockets in your energy saving bulbs on the pricey side, they will eventually make up for their initial cost in annual energy savings. “How
The Impact of Lighting on Learning and Productivity
, artificial light for softer, more natural light. The upgrade not only resulted in $50,000 in energy savings, but effect of light on behavior is less easily measured or studied than energy savings, so findings like
New Product Enlightenment: Archipelago LED, 12V Tape Light, and More
efficient, energy-saving, and easy on your wallet, so sit back, relax, and be enlightened twist on rope light. For more variety, we have added the new, energy-saving Flextec 12-volt LED tape
Award-Winning Lunera LED Bulbs Available at
direction, making them ideal for use in acrylic or glass fixtures. Susan LED bulbs provide energy savings of up to 80% and deliver crisp, instant-on light. The Susan was accepted into the IES Progress for providing brilliant, natural light and energy savings of over 50%. The Helen was selected for Expands Selection of Vintage-Style LED Filament Bulbs
Customers can currently purchase these stylish energy-saving bulbs in household, Edison, sign Customers can currently purchase these stylish energy-saving bulbs in household, Edison
Form and Function Meet in the Plumen CFL
energy saving Introducing "the world's first designer energy saving light bulb," the Plumen CFL. Take a look at this unique light bulb on the blog. , Plumen's tagline sums it up pretty well: "The world's first designer energy saving light bulb." To
5 Common LED Questions
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Light Post Lighting News: Christmas Light Tour, Holiday Safety, and More
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How Do Infrared (IR) Halogens Save Energy?
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Get Your LED Christmas Lights Early!
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New Product Spotlight: TCP LED BR Reflector Bulbs
energy saving format for LED. The PAR format allows LEDs to show off their energy saving potential without addressing
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