How Do I Decorate My Home with Christmas Lights?

Dec 06, 13 How Do I Decorate My Home with Christmas Lights?

One of the best parts of the Christmas season? Untangling that mass of Christmas lights, climbing the ladder and creating your own lighting display year after year for all the neighbors to enjoy. But before your home will rival that of even Clark Griswold, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily transform your home into the gem of the neighborhood.

Below you’ll find a few steps that will transform your home into the talk of the town this and every Christmas.

What Kind of Lights? – First, determine what kind of lights you’ll be using. Icicle lights give the illusion of, well, icicles by utilizing varying lengths of drops, usually spaced six inches apart. Going for that classic look? Try using C7 or C9 bulbs to line your roof, or even the ridgeline of your roof for a unique touch. After deciding what kind of lights you’re going to use, you’ll need clips to hang them. We recommend using all-in-one clips, as these work with lots of types of lights (for a demonstration of these clips, see the video below).

Test Your Lights – The last thing you want to do is spend hours hanging your lights, only to discover half of them don’t work, so make sure you test them before hanging them. If you have any sets with missing or burned out bulbs, ensure you replace the bulbs with those from the same type of set. For example, if you’re replacing bulbs on a set of 50 lights, only use replacement bulbs from a set of 50 lights with the same amperage, as both sets use different voltages and could cause premature burn out. Also, avoid connecting light sets of differing numbers of lights. You don’t want to connect a 35-light set to a 150-light set, as the milliamps are different and you could face a premature burnout or even a fire. Now this only applies to incandescent mini lights, not LEDs or C7 or C9 bulbs.

Hang Your Lights – Once you’ve decided which lights you’re going to string up and where you’re going to hang them, it’s time to grab your gear and get to it. Timers are all-around great products, but they can play an especially vital role in reducing your electricity costs during the holiday season. If you’re going to use a timer, it’s recommended to have the lights kick on at dusk, and shut off either at midnight or at dawn. This eliminates those days when you forget to unplug your lights when heading off to work or forgetting to plug them in at night.  To make the whole light installation process faster, easier, and safer, it’s a good idea to install the clips on your lights while on the ground. While you’re on the ladder, avoid standing on the top rung and stretching too far. Christmas won’t be as much fun with a dislocated shoulder or a broken arm. The saying “measure twice, cut once” not only applies to carpentry, but to holiday lighting as well. Measure how much distance you’re going to need for your lights. There’s nothing worse than a bare spot on your roof line.

When hanging your lights, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and be creative. On that note, we’d love to see your lighting displays, so send us pictures of your decked out homes on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!

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Save with Energy-Efficient Christmas Lights

Nov 15, 13 Save with Energy-Efficient Christmas Lights

One of the best things about the holiday season is the warm and cozy feeling that seems to charge the air during the winter months.  Although this might be our bias talking, we at like to think those joyful feelings are somewhat attributed to holiday lighting setting the mood. In some households, illuminating the neighborhood by putting up Christmas lights has become a tradition. However, using traditional incandescent Christmas lights can not only have an impact on your wallet, but on the environment as well. So, before you buy more light strings and power up that holiday display you have planned, here are some of the benefits of switching to LED (light-emitting diode) Christmas lights.

Unless they’re the equivalent of a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge, it’s safe to say that most people find Christmas light displays to be delightful. Although holiday lights are lovely to look at, they can lead to excessive amounts of wasted energy, not to mention a hefty bill in the mail. While it’s impossible to stay 100 percent green, using LED Christmas lights is a reasonable alternative.


Unlike incandescent lights, LEDs have no filament to burn out, which is why they are able to last for up to 40 holiday seasons, whereas incandescent bulbs have the potential to burn out after one. LED lights also consume less wattage and only burn about 10 percent of the energy that incandescent lights do. According to, the cost of lighting a 6-foot tree with incandescent bulbs for 12 hours a day for 40 days, is roughly $10.00. Using LED mini lights for the same period of time only costs $0.82. The Department of Energy estimates that Christmas lights use just as much electricity as half a million homes do in a month. If every household switched to LED lighting, the DOE also says that U.S. households could save over $400 million in electricity costs.

Not only do LED Christmas lights use less energy than their incandescent counterparts, but they are also much safer. Typically made of glass, incandescent Christmas lights are much more likely to shatter, increasing the risk of house fires. LED light strings, like wide angle LED mini lights, use epoxy lenses, or plastic, and are much sturdier and resistant to breakage. Again, because they have no filament to produce heat, LED bulbs are cool to the touch and reduce the risk of burns or combustion. Consuming lower amounts of energy also makes LED Christmas lights better for the environment. This is why large Christmas displays around the world, such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City, use LED lighting. By switching to LEDs, the iconic tree has decreased daily energy consumption from 3,510 kWh per day to 1,297 kWh per day.

House Christmas LightsWe know how easy it is to accidentally leave the lights on when you don’t really need them. To reduce your energy consumption even further, use automatic timers for both indoor and outdoor holiday lights. Set timers to turn lights on when it gets dark and off during a reasonable hour later that night. Having the ability to program your Christmas lights will eliminate the stress of wondering whether or not you forgot to turn them off before you left the house. Before plugging in and programming, make sure the timer is capable of handling the combined wattage of your lights. According to, keeping light displays on for less than eight hours per night will help you keep your energy costs low. If you don’t have a timer, being as frugal as possible with the number of hours your lights are on will make all the difference.

Do you have any questions about LED Christmas lights? Let us know in the comments below, or give us a shout out on TwitterFacebook, or Google Plus!

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Why You Should Use Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

Sep 20, 13 Why You Should Use Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

While decorating with Christmas lights can be fun, the limitations caused by a far-away power outlet can be a hassle. Instead of getting tangled up in clunky extension cords, switch out some of your plug-in string lights with battery-operated Christmas lights. With the installation of a few batteries and the flip of a switch, these handy lights will allow you to add festive illumination to areas in your home without a power source. Here at, we have a great selection of indoor and outdoor battery-operated Christmas lights that give you the freedom to decorate without worrying about the location of the nearest outlet.

InvisiLite LED Light Strings

InvisiLite LED Light Strings

One of the best things about battery-powered light strings is that they allow you to isolate your decorating to smaller projects and areas of the home. Powered by only a discrete battery pack, indoor/outdoor wide angle mini LEDs are perfect for decorating wreaths, centerpieces, and fireplace mantles. For wiring that is a little less noticeable, these InvisiLite LED lights feature 360-degree illumination embedded in flexible, ultra-thin wiring. Cool to the touch, LED string lights work well against synthetic fabrics and greenery.


LED Mini String Lights

In case you didn’t already know, LED light bulbs have been proven to consume far less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, including Christmas lights. Battery-powered LED string lights consume less battery power and have a much longer life than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it can cost you up to twice as much to run incandescent mini lights as it would to run LED mini lights 12 hours a day for 40 days. Not only are LED lights safer due to their cooler temperature, but they are made from sturdy, epoxy lenses instead of glass, making them much more resistant to breakage.

5 Star LED Path Markers

5 Star LED Path Markers

Outdoor Christmas lighting can be even more of an inconvenience when it comes to finding a power source. Featuring a built-in controller, these outdoor battery-operated LED path markers will provide a safe and brightly-lit pathway for you and your guests. Sold in a set of five, the path markers automatically cycle through light-show functions and change colors as they fade, chase, or twinkle. For a glimpse at how these path markers work, click here.   If you have any questions about our battery-powered Christmas lights, leave us a comment. Or, if you have any pictures of your Christmas decorations, share your pictures with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus!

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5 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Christmas Lights

Bedroom Christmas LightsHave you ever noticed how twinkling string lights on a Christmas tree or through a frosted window can create a warm, inviting ambiance? Well, if you’re someone who wants that magical feeling all year long, decorating your bedroom with Christmas lights will transform it into a comfortable oasis.  Although Christmas lights are most widely used to decorate trees, fireplaces, and home exteriors during the holiday season, they have become a popular way to bring a little sparkle and decorative flair to everyday interiors. Here are five ways to keep your bedroom cozy and festive no matter the time of year!

Dress Up Your Mirror

Light-Framed Mirror

Light-Framed Mirror

Whether it’s a large standing mirror like this one, or a small mirror mounted on your bedroom wall, Christmas lights will instantly bring new life to this décor staple. Make sure your mirror is close to a plug, and simply drape the lights any way that you wish. Just about any light will work to create this look, but wide angle LED lights will emit omni-directional light for better illumination, not to mention the fact that they are 10 times more energy efficient than incandescent lights. Besides, everyone’s reflection looks a little bit better under the soft glow of dim, ambient lighting.

Wrap Your Bed Frame

Bed Frame Lights

Bed Frame Lights

To create a cozy place to catch some Zs, try wrapping lights around the bars of your bed frame.  If you’re going for a dainty look with a touch of whimsy, try LED mini berry light strings. Whether you choose classic white or multi-color light strings, your bed will become a charming R&R destination. With a magical atmosphere like this, you’ll never want to leave!

Create Your Own Desk Lamp

Jar Lights

Jar Lights

Standard table and desk lamps are all well and good, but why not make your own? Find a medium to large glass jar, vase, or bottle and fill it with the lights of your choosing! You can use traditional incandescent mini string lights  or personalize your new lamp by using festive novelty lights. Not only are light-filled jars one of the simplest DIY projects out there, but these whimsical creations will look lovely lighting up your desk, bedside table, or bookshelf.

Window Focal Point

Curtain Bedroom Lights

Curtain Bedroom Lights

For a bit of a softer glow, hang lights behind window curtains made from a sheer fabric. The fabric will slightly dim the lights as well as create a luminous focal point in your bedroom. To achieve this look, try stringing LED C6 lights or anything similar along your window and use the curtains as a light-diffusing screen. The LED lights will not only stay cool against the fabric, but they’ll help you cut down on energy costs!

Make It Your Own

Shaped Christmas Lights

Shaped Christmas Lights

One of the best things about Christmas lights is that, with a little imagination and the right tools, you can arrange them into any shape your heart desires! While you can use a hammer and nails to create an outline for your design, you can also use mini adhesive light clips for easy mounting. Each clip comes with a 3M adhesive strip for a strong hold on surfaces and will work with both incandescent and LED mini string lights.



Have any questions about our wide selection of Christmas lights and accessories? Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!

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