5 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Christmas Lights

Bedroom Christmas LightsHave you ever noticed how twinkling string lights on a Christmas tree or through a frosted window can create a warm, inviting ambiance? Well, if you’re someone who wants that magical feeling all year long, decorating your bedroom with Christmas lights will transform it into a comfortable oasis.  Although Christmas lights are most widely used to decorate trees, fireplaces, and home exteriors during the holiday season, they have become a popular way to bring a little sparkle and decorative flair to everyday interiors. Here are five ways to keep your bedroom cozy and festive no matter the time of year!

Dress Up Your Mirror

Light-Framed Mirror

Light-Framed Mirror

Whether it’s a large standing mirror like this one, or a small mirror mounted on your bedroom wall, Christmas lights will instantly bring new life to this décor staple. Make sure your mirror is close to a plug, and simply drape the lights any way that you wish. Just about any light will work to create this look, but wide angle LED lights will emit omni-directional light for better illumination, not to mention the fact that they are 10 times more energy efficient than incandescent lights. Besides, everyone’s reflection looks a little bit better under the soft glow of dim, ambient lighting.

Wrap Your Bed Frame

Bed Frame Lights

Bed Frame Lights

To create a cozy place to catch some Zs, try wrapping lights around the bars of your bed frame.  If you’re going for a dainty look with a touch of whimsy, try LED mini berry light strings. Whether you choose classic white or multi-color light strings, your bed will become a charming R&R destination. With a magical atmosphere like this, you’ll never want to leave!

Create Your Own Desk Lamp

Jar Lights

Jar Lights

Standard table and desk lamps are all well and good, but why not make your own? Find a medium to large glass jar, vase, or bottle and fill it with the lights of your choosing! You can use traditional incandescent mini string lights  or personalize your new lamp by using festive novelty lights. Not only are light-filled jars one of the simplest DIY projects out there, but these whimsical creations will look lovely lighting up your desk, bedside table, or bookshelf.

Window Focal Point

Curtain Bedroom Lights

Curtain Bedroom Lights

For a bit of a softer glow, hang lights behind window curtains made from a sheer fabric. The fabric will slightly dim the lights as well as create a luminous focal point in your bedroom. To achieve this look, try stringing LED C6 lights or anything similar along your window and use the curtains as a light-diffusing screen. The LED lights will not only stay cool against the fabric, but they’ll help you cut down on energy costs!

Make It Your Own

Shaped Christmas Lights

Shaped Christmas Lights

One of the best things about Christmas lights is that, with a little imagination and the right tools, you can arrange them into any shape your heart desires! While you can use a hammer and nails to create an outline for your design, you can also use mini adhesive light clips for easy mounting. Each clip comes with a 3M adhesive strip for a strong hold on surfaces and will work with both incandescent and LED mini string lights.



Have any questions about our wide selection of Christmas lights and accessories? Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!

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Five Can’t-Miss Christmas Decorations

Aug 23, 13 Five Can’t-Miss Christmas Decorations

It may be late August, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning your Christmas decorating and getting your home ready for the upcoming holiday season. With that in mind, we’ve collected some unique Christmas decorations that will transform your home into a winter wonderland, making even Clark Griswold jealous.

Peter's Flying Santa

Peter’s Flying Santa

Peter’s Flying Santa: Now this is pretty special. Peter’s Flying Santa attaches to the top of your tree and flies around. Complete with Santa, his sleigh, and his eight reindeer, Peter’s Flying Santa is compatible with or without tree toppers and is sure to add a whimsical touch to your Christmas décor! For a video demonstration, click here.

Christmas Lite. Co CW15R-51

Christmas Lite. Co CW15R-51

Cowboy Christmas Lights: Sure, we sell lots of types of Christmas lights, from LED Christmas lights to net lights, to battery operated Christmas lights, but did you know we sell chili pepper lights? What about shotgun shell Christmas lights or cowboy boot Christmas lights? We even sell cow skull Christmas lights. So whatever your style, whether it be sophisticated, classic, or outside-the-city-limits, we’ve got you covered.

Texas A&M - Sterling 91511024ta

Texas A&M – Sterling 91511024ta

Untraditional Christmas Trees: Do you let out a “whoop” anytime you hear mention of Texas A&M? Is the blood that courses through your veins burnt orange? Wanting a break from traditional trees, looking for something more… interesting? Not only do we sell licensed university Christmas trees, we also have upside down and potted trees, and if those don’t tickle your fancy, look at our tinsel trees. Working with limited space this holiday season? Our corner and wall trees have you covered. If you’re looking to display your college football spirit, or just looking to take a break from the norm, check out our collection of unique trees!

Snowfall Lights LEDSNOW510

Snowfall Lights LEDSNOW510

LED Snowfall Tubes: Every year I plan to romp through the snow on Christmas Day, yet every year I’m disappointed. Thanks, Texas. Well, when you can’t have the real thing, this is where LED snowfall tubes come in. These are pretty fantastic. These tubes have pure white LED “drops” that mimic falling snow. Try hanging these from the trees in your front yard for an unprecedented winter look. For a video of these tubes in action, click here.

Barcana 55-24016-118

Barcana 55-24016-118

Life-Size Christmas Props: Imagine our 6-foot fiberglass Santa holding a toy bag, being the focal point of your decoration layout. If a 6-foot Santa isn’t what you had in mind, how about a 6-foot fiberglass Nutcracker, guarding your lawn or your front door? Our life-size decorations are a great way to round out your holiday decorating plans!

Don’t forget about us when it’s time to break out these awesome decorations! Share your winter wonderland with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, or send us a copy at our physical address:


C/O Daniel Michaelree

2140 Merritt DR.

Garland, TX 75041

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Staff Picks: Favorite Items from your 1000Bulbs.com Staff

May 17, 13 Staff Picks: Favorite Items from your 1000Bulbs.com Staff

As customers of 1000Bulbs.com, you applaud us on our amazing prices, outstanding customer service, and our wonderful products. At the same time, have you ever wondered if we use our own products? As consumers, you are probably curious as to what we use. Personally, I am a fan of the collegiate Christmas trees. Nothing represents you more than a Christmas tree featuring your university colors. Here are some other favorites of our staff at 1000Bulbs.com.


MaxLite 71211 Plug-and-Play LED Lightbar

Paul G., VP of Business Development

“I have recently remodeled my kitchen; the MaxLite 71211 plug-and-play LED lightbar is easy to install under cabinets and is completely connectable to additional units. I tested low profile fluorescent strips and rope light, and could not find a more pleasing solution aesthetically than the warm glow produced by these fixtures. I am enjoying even, ambient light on 30 feet of granite counter, approximately 4 feet wide, while using only about 24 watts. With LED life expectancy, I am sure this will be a maintenance-free selling feature when we finally decide to downsize.”

Satco S7303 G25 CFL

Beth H., Inventory Planner

“I have a 6-light vanity fixture over my bathroom mirror. It’s always dark, which makes doing hair and make-up challenging. I tried a few bulbs and nothing seemed to be bright enough. I finally found the Satco S7303 CFL bulb, and I absolutely love it! They start off kind of dim when first turned on, but they get brighter once they warm up. My eyeshadow colors, lipsticks & glosses look awesome under these lights. I have recommended these bulbs to friends and family and they love them, too.”

Blue LED Icicle Lights

Adrian L., Customer Service Representative

“For Christmas, I used these blue LED icicle lights on the inside of my windows. My son and I love the color blue, so I figured he would enjoy these draped around the house during the Christmas season. These lights are very bright and visible from a distance. We both truly enjoyed these lights and can’t wait until we can use them again next Christmas.”

Clear A19 Antique Light Bulb

Vivian C., Proactive Customer Service

“I used this antique A19 bulb to make a vintage reading lamp for my friend; it’s pretty bright! It gives off a warm output (240 lumens), but it seemed a bit brighter than the description given. I also used our brass wire cage to add to vintage look of the bulb itself. I loved it; it was the perfect bulb for my special project!”

Rope Light

Charity's Palm Tree

Charity’s Palm Tree

Charity W., Account Manager

“I have used several of our products but I have to say rope light is one of my favorites. I created a palm tree on my fence with green and amber rope light. It is easy to shape into different figures and attaches to most any type of surface. The most popular size is 1/2-inch because you could find accessory pieces easier, but 3/8-inch is easier to mold into more intricate patterns. Either way you will get a nice light design.”

Benona K., HR Manager

“I like my cool white LED rope light. I have it installed underneath my kitchen cabinets. Since it is energy efficient, I leave it on all the time. It gives me extra light on my counter tops for preparing meals and it doubles as a night light when I feel the need for a midnight snack.”

What are some of your favorite products? Let us know in the comments section or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!

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