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Antique Bulbs Bring Authenticity to Your Home

Antique bulbs offer traditional homes the ability to remain authentic to their architecture. These bulbs capture the style and shapes of bulbs created decades ago. If you live in an old home that captures the style of a by-gone era, you need bulbs that reflect the unique period in which your home was built. Luckily, manufacturers such as FerroWatt, Bulbrite, and Antique Light Bulb Co. are still producing these bulbs. There is a variety of period-inspired Antique and Vintage bulbs available. Edison bulbs are one popular style for those who live in homes from the late 19th century into the first decade of the 20th century. The bulbs feature hand-blown glass and multiple-loop carbon filaments that produce a dim, yet beautiful glow unparalleled by bulbs on the market today, including mass-produced tungsten filament incandescent bulbs. With these lamps, your home will look like you stepped into another era.

The traditional Edison style has been copied and modified over the decades. Other light bulb manufacturers came up with their own designs. Some came up with different envelopes (the glass part of the bulb) to suit different styles and needs. Some even experimented with different formations of the bulb filament. The Marconi bulb, for example, features a “Squirrel Cage” filament that replicates the look of vacuum tubes in antique radios and telegraphs.

The options for antique light bulbs continue to grow as these unique bulbs evolve into new decorative forms. You might want a star-shaped decorative light, for instance, a pagoda style bulb, or even a vintage twist on your chandelier bulbs. With antique bulbs, you can find a light bulb to suit your home’s style and your sense of whimsy. With so many options available, the hard part will be selecting only one lamp.

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