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DIY Christmas Decorations on a Budget

DIY Christmas Decorations on a Budget

With Christmas less than two weeks away, it’s safe to assume that you've already put up the majority of your Christmas decorations. We have too. But if you find yourself looking for some festive  and inexpensive crafts that you can do with the whole family or by yourself on a chilly Sunday afternoon, we've got some DIY decoration ideas that will brighten up your home for the holidays. Many of these simple decorations can be made with things you may already have lying around the house.

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

tomato cage tree

tomato cage tree

Gardening season is a ways away, so this DIY tutorial will give you an opportunity to re-purpose some supplies that you may not be using. Here are the basic essentials you’ll need: 2 tomato cages, any light string you want (has to be able to wrap around the entire length of the cage), and a rubber band or elastic to secure the tips of the cage.

When the cages are assembled, turn them upside down and stack one on top of the other. This is so the lights and whatever else you choose to decorate the cage with will have a stronger foundation. Gather the loose ends of the cage and secure them with a strong rubber band to create the point of a Christmas tree.

Take your Christmas lights and begin wrapping them around the cages from the top down. You can hide the rubber band at the top of the cage by tightly wrapping the lights or by tying festive ribbon over it for an extra decorative touch.

Cupcake Liner Light Strings

For those of you who happen to have a few cupcake liners stashed away in the cupboard from the last time you baked, this easy DIY is perfect for you! All you need is a mini light string and cupcake liners. We think holiday colors or metallic silver would look great, but whatever you have in the house works too!

When we say this DIY is easy, we mean it. All you have to do is cut a small slit in the bottom of a cupcake liner and fit it over an individual bulb on the light string and you’re done! Repeat with as many bulbs as you want to cover on the string. If you’re in a hurry, you can also use the bulb on the light string to gently punch through the liner. This decorative light string will look great lining a fireplace mantle or strung across your living room walls.

Glitter Covered Bulbs

If any of your outside Christmas lights have burned out, don’t throw them away! Instead, use them as an eye-catching decoration. For this DIY, you’ll need replacement Christmas light bulbs, glue, and glitter.

First, take the bulb by the base and use a paint brush that you don’t mind throwing away or your finger to apply the glue evenly over the surface of the bulb. Next, roll the bulb in glitter or sprinkle it on yourself. Try and wipe off any excess glitter to make sure that it’s evenly covering the bulb. Once the bulbs are dry, put all of them in a bowl to display or tie ribbon around the base and use them as Christmas ornaments for your tree!

Illuminated Canvas

This next DIY may require trip to the craft store, but the end product is worth it. Using Christmas lights and a canvas, you can create artwork that doubles as lighting for your room. Here’s what you’ll need: Canvas, white mini light strings, a pencil, an awl (a tool for poking holes in wood and leather), and glue.

First make marks on the back of the canvas with the pencil to get an idea of where you want the lights to poke through. Make sure the lights are at least half an inch apart. Then, using the awl, gently poke through the pencil markings. Once you've done that, place glue around each hole and poke the Christmas lights through. After you’re done, you can tape the lights down on the back of the canvas to make sure they stay. If you want to add a little more holiday spirit to the project, paint anything from snowflakes to the words “Merry Christmas” on the canvas.

Light String Wreath

If you’re looking to make a simple, minimalist wreath that will look great in your home, but could also withstand the outdoor elements, this DIY is for you. All you need is a basic wreath frame (these can be found at any craft store) and a string of outdoor Christmas lights, unless you only plan on hanging the wreath indoors. Try LED mini lights or a C6 LED light string.  Begin wrapping the light strings around the frame as loosely or as tightly as you want. Just remember that you have to leave enough of the wire to reach an outlet if you aren't able to use an extension cord.

Have any DIY holiday projects you’d like to share? Send us your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus! We’d love to see them!

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