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Lighting Accents for Elegant Winter Weddings

Lighting Accents for Elegant Winter Weddings

Winter weddings have had a bad rap due to the unpredictability of the weather, yet for those who crave a particularly elegant experience, it may be the perfect time to tie the knot. Celebrations typically include sophisticated white, ivory, and metallic décor, along with wintry tree branches atop reception tables and carefully placed Christmas lights bringing a cozy ambiance to the whole ordeal. But even if you're not hosting a traditional winter wedding, these smart lighting accents can add vital touches of warmth to any reception.

LED Holiday Candles

According to wedding experts, when it comes to winter ceremonies you should generally avoid items or color pairings that feel too “holiday” (unless you want your wedding to feel like an extension of the season). White holiday candles appear neutral enough to easily blend in with most wedding décor while providing warm, dim light to your reception tables. Since regular candles often result in melted wax, fire hazards and strong scents, we recommend using battery-operated LED candles to avoid the additional hassles.


Even if you haven’t seen The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, lanterns remain a clear symbol of the colder seasons without strongly reflecting Christmas. LED lanterns emit brighter light than candles, and their casings are often gorgeous decorations in themselves. In weddings, lanterns are most commonly used to line aisles or as centerpieces on reception tables, but they can also be used outdoors by front or back entrances or along chilly pathways and steps.

Light-Up Stem Twigs

Glittering twigs and branches are commonly used to bedeck winter-themed wedding arrangements, whether on reception tables, along the aisle in large vases or planters, or on other decorative surfaces. But wouldn’t it be an added bonus if they lit up? Often placed in containers paired with other elements that embrace and evoke winter—such as coffee berries, soft grey leaves, thistle, or curly willow—LED Stem Twig Lights can add a little extra sparkle where you need it.

Yellow Christmas Lights


Light stringers are a versatile decoration perfect for almost any occasion. They can be hung across entrances or wrapped around pillars, and can even hang down with short icicles or from ceiling-to-floor as light curtains. They can also reference virtually any event depending on their colors. Yellow LED string lights make particularly enchanting accents in winter weddings because of their ability to provide bright, twinkling, and usable light in unexpected places.

Gold, Silver, White LED Holiday Ribbons

Due to your wedding’s proximity to the holidays, chances are you’ll use ribbons somewhere in your décor. In winter ceremonies, ribbons are most often used to embellish the backs of chairs or as wraps around decorative boxes or garland.  Why not use light-up LED ribbons, which only subtly reference the holidays and provide other decorations with an enchanting glow? We recommend using gold, silver, or white colors—whichever best fits the theme of your wedding.

Remember: at the end of the day, it’s your big day. Feel free to add splashes of ice blue, fireside red, or any other color you desire (seasonally-inspired or not) in your wedding décor. Just don’t forget to add a little sparkle and glow where you need it! Do you have any lighting ideas for winter weddings? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedInPinterest, or Instagram!

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1000Bulbs Partners with DCSEU to Provide Savings to DC Residents