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5 Non-Traditional Christmas Trees

5 Non-Traditional Christmas Trees

Brace yourselves, the Christmas season is coming! Whether you find yourself in an abnormally warm winter desert, on a tropical island, or in a galaxy far far away, there is always more than one way to celebrate the holidays! When it comes to the Christmas, we here at 1000Bulbs are over-joyed at the limitless possibilities that decorating for the holidays has to offer. On a previous post, we listed the different types of Christmas trees, but if you want to go a non-traditional route, here are a few crafty ideas to express your unique personality.

Book Tree


Consider yourself a big book worm? Raid your personal library and collect books of all sorts and sizes for a fairy tale Christmas tree. Prior to your build, take into account how many books you have and how tall/wide you’d like your book tree to be. Once you have enough books, lay them in the form of a circle to build the base of your book tree. Fill in the spaces with smaller books and gradually add more layers to form a cone shape. Accompanied by a tree topper, a few warm white LED mini lights and tinsel at the base may literally be the best tree for bookworms of all ages.

Cactus or Palm Tree


No snow? No cold weather? No problem! Who ever said that Christmas needed snow or a tree for that matter? The folks in Arizona are certainly on point when it comes to decorating Saguaro cactuses. All you need is a tall enough ladder and a buddy to help you from getting poked by any prickly pears. Once you’ve got that covered, simply wrap your cactuses with mini Christmas lights and admire the radiating glow. For those of you in a more tropical atmosphere, you’re in luck! 1000Bulbs.com has you covered with pre-lit Christmas palm trees. Spend more time working on your “winter” tan at the beach than decorating for the holidays.

Ladder Tree


A maintenance free alternative to picking up pine needles can be found in either your garage or shed. That right, a ladder can make for a quick and simple Christmas tree solution. To begin, open the ladder and lock the supporting arms so the ladder is in a sturdy position. Simply wrap some LED globe string lights around the ladder in between steps so the light strings won’t fall. Once the stringers are in place, you can either hang traditional ornaments or some handyman inspired ornaments such as a small measuring tape instead of garland or maybe even a ruler.

Darth Vader Tree


Will you be celebrating Christmas on Planet Hoth? Do you find others’ lack of Christmas decorations disturbing? Embrace your inner Star Wars fandom by replicating one of Star Wars’ iconic characters, Darth Vader. In order to start your Sith-tree, you’ll need to start with a black Christmas tree and run either rope light or LED mini lights. Similar to decorating a traditional Christmas tree, the only differences would be to use only silver tinsel along with black, white, or grey ornaments. Lastly, no Vader tree is complete without his notorious red light saber, black cape, and a black helmet as a tree topper.

Love our ideas or do you think a ladder shouldn’t count as a Christmas tree? Tell us in the comments section below. Do you have any fun nontraditional Christmas tree lights? Be sure to share them to our social media pages via, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. From the team at 1000Bulbs.com, happy holidays!

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