Using Halogens & Dimmers as CFL Alternative
savings when compared with traditional incandescent bulbs. While slightly more expensive than their like CFLs have an alternative in halogen light bulbs. Halogen bulbs offer a great deal of energy future energy savings. While CFLs are still preferred as energy-saving light sources, halogens can still energy saving -20% in electricity costs, but dimming can equate to energy savings of 50-60%. Further dimming puts
The Lighting Facts Label Explained
promise with the Nutrition Facts label. However, there is immediate compensation in energy savings when energy saving
An Explanation for CFL Pin Types
energy saving
Do Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Save Money?
energy saving lights energy-saving alternatives would cost you annually. Let’s say you have 40 light bulb sockets in your energy saving bulbs on the pricey side, they will eventually make up for their initial cost in annual energy savings. “How
LED Christmas Light String Guide
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5 Common LED Questions
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How Do Infrared (IR) Halogens Save Energy?
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New Product Spotlight: TCP LED BR Reflector Bulbs
energy saving format for LED. The PAR format allows LEDs to show off their energy saving potential without addressing
Get Your LED Christmas Lights Early!
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Light Post, Issue Two
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4 Steps to Clean Up a Broken CFL
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CFL Warm-Up Times: 4 Bulbs Put to the Test
, energy-saving CFLs. You screw them in and hit the switch. "Oh, this is gonna be good," you say to energy saving
Energy-Saving Light Bulbs [Video]
, especially referring to light bulbs. But just what is an energy-saving light bulb? Though there is no , also titled "Energy-Saving Light Bulbs." So grab some popcorn and sit back! (Assuming that's OK with Energy-Saving Light Bulbs [Video] topic: Energy-saving light bulbs. "Energy-saving" is a term thrown around pretty often these days energy saving here on the blog and in our Wednesday Lighting Q&A on Facebook is about energy-saving bulbs . Specifically, people want to know what defines an energy-saving light bulb and what makes an LED better than
Mercury in CFL Bulbs: Is It Dangerous?
contained within the energy-saving bulbs far outweighs any environmental benefits. On the other side energy saving
Form and Function Meet in the Plumen CFL
energy saving Introducing "the world's first designer energy saving light bulb," the Plumen CFL. Take a look at this unique light bulb on the blog. , Plumen's tagline sums it up pretty well: "The world's first designer energy saving light bulb." To
Earth Day 2016 - If LEDs Lit America
. Department of Energy (DOE), LED lighting installations accounted for $1.4 billion in energy . Department of Energy Coal and Other Fossil Fuels, Union of Concerned Scientists Energy Savings Potential energy saving savings in 2014. That’s $1.4 billion in savings while only 3% of lighting in the U.S. has made the switch
Prevent Ice Dams by Switching Out Your Lights
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What Are Vertical Gardens?
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LED Task Lighting Tips
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Lighting in the News August 2016
energy saving leds for businesses researcher, Evan Mills recently conducted research on job creation and energy savings through transitioning
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