Advantages of Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps
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Advantages of Electronic HID Ballasts
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HID and Metal Halide Bulbs
require a few minutes to cool down before they can be re-lit. If you are considering HID lighting, you can do no better than pulse start metal halides. These are the most energy-efficient of HID lighting types hid lighting works well in general lighting situations, as floodlights, and in security areas. HID lamps take a
Buying a Metal Halide Bulb: 4 Factors to Consider
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Moon Pulse HID Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting
Moon Pulse HID Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting Moon Pulse HID bulbs are an innovation in outdoor lighting that marry the moon-like glow of mercury Moon Pulse HID bulbs are an innovation in outdoor lighting, marrying the moon-like glow of mercury hid lighting
How to Buy a Light Bulb
some are better suited for certain purposes. The five main types of lighting technology are incandescent, fluorescent, LED, halogen, and HID. Incandescent (1) Incandescent: Incandescent lights are your hid lighting
Upgrade Your Car Lights for Maximum Safety
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A Little Light on Induction Lamps
What is a Capacitor? The Background Superhero
lighting application. If a HID lamp does not seem to be producing its maximum brightness, evidence could hid lighting (unable to hold as much charge). This directly affects the performance of say for example, a HID lighting a lower light output, lower power factor, and overall reduced efficiency can be the result of is a, “background superhero” which assists in the operation of sign ballast lighting, HID lighting , air conditioners, digital cameras, televisions, radios, and a surprisingly endless list. In HID
How Long Will Your Light Bulbs Last?
Grow Light Basics, Part 1
wattage? Coverage varies depending on the type of bulb and fixture you use, but at least as far as HID lighting goes, the "rule of thumb" is 50 watts per square foot. In lumens (the standard measurement of plants, you have two choices: HID grow lights or fluorescent grow lights. HID lights are most common in grow lighting. To produce the red and blue spectrum with HID lights, you need high pressure
Why Buy Fluorescent High-Bay Fixtures?
, fluorescent high-bay lighting offers greater savings, rewards, and options than standard HID lighting. Be
How Do Black Lights Work?
, especially in stage and nightclub lighting. Other niche applications include HID lighting, especially
Grow Light Basics, Part 3
How HID Lamps Work
average 2,000 to 4,000-hour lifespans of halogen bulbs. In this post we will cover the earlier HID lamps discharge or HID lamps next. HID lamps cover a broad spectrum of lighting often used on roadways and in , made before the 1960s. HID lighting has evolved to the point where there are five main types of HIDs
Lighting in the News - August 2015
State’s greenhouses was HID lighting, along with a much smaller Illumitex LED installation. With the facility.” Before the switch to Illumitex grow lights, the primary source for lighting in Penn
The Best Plants for Beginners
, which is why they are a good starter plant. Lettuce doesn’t require fancy or expensive HID lighting since
3 Elements for Optimizing Parking Lot Lights
energy than traditional HID lighting fixtures. The next step towards creating an energy efficient
Are Your Plants Napping When they Should?
source may produce, whether it is HID or LED lighting. Overheating air temperatures can inhibit the
1000Bulbs Increases Hydroponics Supplies
as HID and metal halide bulbs, its offerings now include all-in-one grow lighting systems, garden and for hydroponic and grow supplies as well. While has always carried grow lighting, such
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