Dorm Lighting: Making the Most Out of One Outlet
lighting elements for dorm rooms for both guys and girls. While your resident hall neighbors may be Dorm room lighting for guys and girls. Create a multi-purpose environment that will set you up for success during the school year. lighting a dorm room Lighting Tips studying, socializing, and sleeping. How to Make the Room Look Larger Overhead lighting often casts lighting. This guide will help create a comfortable all-purpose environment that is conducive to task lighting. Using a higher color temperature for this light bulb promotes focus and reduces eye 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog area below or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus for more DIY lighting dorm lighting tips dorm room lighting dorm lighting lighting tips dorm-lighting1.jpg Dorm Lighting: Making the Most Out of One Outlet
How to Install Under Stair Lighting
strip lighting guide will take you step-by-step through two under stair lighting installations using LED strip how to install led strip lighting Home Lighting under stair lighting How to Install Under Stair Lighting 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog under-stair-lighting2.jpg rope light and its corresponding accessories for under stair lighting. We provide a comparison of the led strip lighting . Under stair lighting using LED strip lights is a matter of finding the right length and type of This guide will take you step-by-step through two under stair lighting installations using LED strip lighting. Under stair lighting is a cool and versatile way to light a high-traffic area in your home. This lighting. Before you begin, if you cringe in the face of electrical current or wince at the thought of
Retail Store Lighting Guide
Retail Store Lighting Guide retail lighting.jpg Lighting Tips energy and replacement costs are also important. Investing in LED lighting instead of more traditional lighting, will typically cost you less in the long run since LED light bulbs and fixtures consume less 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog your sales. We’ll help you decide how to and how much lighting your store needs. Benefits of LED Whether you’re selling fancy soaps or the latest fashions, having the right lighting can have a big Don’t let an over-illuminated or dim shop drag down your sales. We’ll help you decide how to and how much lighting your store needs in this article. Lighting for Stores While the upfront cost is a major factor when choosing what to buy, long-term Commercial Lighting LED lighting retail lighting
The Effects of Hospitality Lighting
hospitality-lighting.jpg food is the food that you’re able to see. Hotel restaurant lighting can benefit from accurate The Effects of Hospitality Lighting Lighting Tips hotel lighting responsible for establishing a mood or tone for a space. By using lighting to influence a guest on an Hospitality lighting can Improve a guests experience by connecting on an emotional level to create a specific mood or tone. atmosphere lighting 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog how people emotionally respond to lighting can help the designing process and improve a guest’s experience. Does Lighting Effect a Person’s Mood? Lighting does not only provide the general illumination lighting design restaurant lighting Hospitality lighting combines science and art and poses numerous challenges since it is partially Commercial Lighting mood lighting
How to Light a Basketball Court
need lighting levels as high as their indoor equivalents. This is because the dark sky backdrop basketball lighting.jpg Lighting Tips Official sport lighting standards are measured in footcandles, which indicates how much illumination goes into the science behind basketball court lighting. 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog the best practices behind basketball court lighting. With the NCAA Championship game right around the sports lighting lighting on a 10x10 foot grid. Smaller courts have lighting layouts that are pretty similar. The chart lighting tips Commercial Lighting floor for optimal lighting. Also be aware that athletes occasionally don’t realize their own basketball lighting
How to Light Hallways and Stairways
. Another incredibly versatile lighting solution is LED strip lights. You can use them in channels along Lighting hallways and stairways can be a pain. Learn some tips and techniques to ease that burden in this post. Bold Way Walls with several family photos or art pieces need a different method of lighting. Track Lighting Tips Home Lighting hallway lighting.jpg When it comes to lighting hallways, many homeowners already know: they’re tricky, and stairways are lighting tips stairway lighting hallway lighting the edge of the ceiling or even the baseboards. Tape light can also be used for step lighting to 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
Foyer Lighting
entryway lighting Lighting Tips forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest for more everyday lighting solutions. Foyer Lighting foyer lighting.jpg Home Lighting better foyer lighting. Fixture Size It might sound simple, but it needs to be said. The bigger the foyer lighting Is your home's foyer dark and gloomy? Learn how to properly light your entryway with these lighting tips for foyer lighting. lighting tips 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
4 Grocery Stores Benefiting from LED Lighting
best lighting for produce grocery-lighting.jpg , to a delightful experience by updating the lighting used for your product displays. The standard lighting may not be providing the best experience for your customers. How to Keep Meat Looking Fresh batch of patties was placed under different lighting. One group was lit under fluorescent bulbs 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog 4 Grocery Stores Benefiting from LED Lighting lighting choice for many supermarkets is fluorescents. However, with a consistent push in the lighting cherry red color, but LED lighting extended the shelf life of patties three to four days compared Join major grocery stores in saving thousands of dollars by upgrading to LED lighting. See the best lighting for meat Commercial Lighting LED lighting best lighting for floral department
Fitness Center Lighting to Keep Membership High
Fitness Center Lighting to Keep Membership High . In a boot camp class or high-intensity class, bright lighting is imperative to see the activity and Lighting Tips gym-lighting.jpg 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog lighting candles to create muted lighting for your guests. Keep general lighting in the room around 2700K sauna lighting gym lighting create the right mood for your workout facility is through lighting. Main Fitness Center Floor In music to create this environment, soft lighting is also essential. Use dimmers and battery operated LED locker room lighting Commercial Lighting overhead lighting to add to the festive atmosphere. According to Grace DeSimone, editor of the American
How To Install Cove Lighting
strip lighting Home Lighting embellished ceilings. Installing cove lighting is moderately stress-free when using LED rope or strip cove-lighting.jpg How To Install Cove Lighting ambient light, yet is commonly used as decorative lighting to accent a room or highlight particularly LED rope or strip lights. But wait, what is cove lighting? Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting typically built into ledges like crown molding, valences and cornices for windows, or any upper 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog ceiling lighting recessed lighting ideas This is our step-by-step guide on how to wire cove lighting with pre-installed crown molding and LED rope or strip lights. This is our step-by-step guide of how to wire cove lighting with pre-installed crown molding and cove lighting indirect lighting
5 Types of Under Cabinet Lighting: Pros & Cons
classic type of under cabinet lighting, fluorescent fixtures are still a popular choice. Nowadays . Hot enough that we recommend using them more for task lighting than an all-day lighting source, and 5 Types of Under Cabinet Lighting: Pros & Cons Lighting Tips Home Lighting Do you love under cabinet lighting but aren't sure what type to install in your kitchen? Check out the pros and cons of each in this article. under cabinet lighting under cabinet lighting.jpg one of the oldest technologies in under cabinet lighting, the xenon fixture is still highly regarded for their hockey puck shape, puck lights are a very popular type of under cabinet lighting. Puck instead of more even lighting Get really hot when used with halogen bulbs Fluorescent Fixtures A 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
Mason Jar Lighting
mason jar lighting walkway when the sun goes down. Do you have crafty lighting DIYs, suggestions for more mason jar Mason Jar Lighting diy lighting Lighting Tips Home Lighting jars can give your lighting the country chic feel you’ve been looking for. From quick and simple mason-jar-lighting.jpg use mason jars with some of your favorite decorative light bulbs. As Pendant Lighting Covers This , LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Contact our staff to find the best lighting option for your next below. You can find more lighting tips and bright ideas on our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
Lighting for Your Reading Nook
chandelier lighting lighting. Consider incorporating battery operated string lights into the space. You can drape a string Lighting Tips tips on lighting your reading nook? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below. You Home Lighting center—of your reading nook. This way the overhead lighting will not cause your screen to glare. If your reading nook lighting reading-nook-lighting.jpg easily be hardwired to a wall switch so that they will not interfere with your overhead lighting Lighting for Your Reading Nook 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
Intro to Office Lighting
task lighting Lighting makes up about 30% of a commercial building's power consumption. Check out these tips on Lighting Tips The average commercial office building uses roughly 30 percent of all energy consumed on lighting Intro to Office Lighting how to improve the efficiency of your office lighting. , so it’s important to get it right. The right office lighting can give your employees a more 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog intro to office lighting.jpg office lighting important to figure out what type of lighting you want to use in your office before you can focus on the Commercial Lighting your office on the road to better lighting. Fluorescent vs LED Lighting in the Workspace It’s fixtures and accessories. Fluorescent lighting may be a step up the energy efficiency ladder, but
Romantic Proposal Lighting at Home
romantic proposal lighting.jpg Know she's the one and ready to pop the question? Use these lighting tips to set the mood for a romantic at-home proposal. Lighting Tips Romantic Proposal Lighting at Home Home Lighting romantic lighting tips you get that “yes,” here are three lighting ideas to create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic at romantic lighting 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
Home Theater Lighting Design Tips
bias lighting strip lighting Converting your spare room to a home theater? Learn about important lighting design tips to really wow your guests. Lighting One of the best and most popular ways to light home theaters is ambient lighting. Using ambient Home Theater Lighting Design Tips Home Lighting home theater lighting.jpg 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog how to install home theater lighting lighting is a sure-fire way to cater to your inner film critic. The sconce is a classic movie house can learn how to install cove lighting in one of our earlier blog posts. Floor lighting is another theater lighting backlighting are two quick and easy ways to improve the lighting in your home theater. Ambient . Cove lighting directs light up to create a subtle, low-profile illumination that won’t cause glares on
Hotel Guest Room Lighting
hotel room lighting.jpg and direction of a hotel room’s lighting. The color of the lights can have a major impact on the Hospitality lighting is all about combining aesthetics and functionality. Hotel guest rooms play host to a plethora of individuals, each with varied tastes when it comes to their lighting preferences Hotel Guest Room Lighting hospitality lighting Hotel rooms are a home away from home for many guests, so getting it right is essential. Improve your hotel guest room lighting with these tips. it’s nearly impossible to do both at once, the ability to control the lighting in a hotel room is hotel lighting Commercial Lighting and different needs throughout their stay. For hospitality lighting to have the right lighting at 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
Lighting Layouts
Lighting Layouts can save you a headache later. The key factor to every great lighting layout is even and consistent lighting-layouts.jpg Lighting Tips Home Lighting lighting layout Once you buy your light fixtures, how should you arrange them? Planning your lighting ahead of time general lighting in a hallway or dining room, you should space them 4 to 6 feet apart and no less than eye level. That way your face gets even lighting, eliminating unattractive shadows. A good rule of recessed lighting 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog pendant lighting Love your light fixtures but aren't sure how to arrange them? Learn how with these simple tips and techniques for lighting layouts. lighting design track lighting , check out our Recessed Lighting Buyer’s Guide.   Wall Sconces. When using wall sconces to provide
How Do I Automate My Home Lighting?
rest. Lighting Tip: Caseta Wireless switches are not limited to your overhead light fixtures. Use How Do I Automate My Home Lighting? the plug-in dimmer switch version with dimmable table and floor lamps to indulge in full lighting Home Lighting the-smart-home-automated-lighting.jpg finger. In order to decide to how much automation you truly need, consider these lighting situations automated lighting Before you leap into the future with your hands-free light switches, consider our advice on how much lighting automation you need. want touch a switch again, there’s smart lighting available to you. Get started in our Connected Home 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog
How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting
kitchen lighting Home Lighting lighting choices as well as walk you through the initial setup process. Before you begin, these guidelines lighting is here! Under cabinet lighting is typically used to provide task lighting underneath Read the helpful tips in our installation guide and bring easy task lighting to your under cabinets and shelves. Strip Lighting For Hard Wire Installs LED Driver Pin connectors L-shape connectors Strip light 1000Bulbs Lighting Blog fixtures be used specifically as task lighting, turning them on and off as needed to manage heat output and under-shelf&under-cabinet-lighting.jpg How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting led strip lighting Lighting Lighting the underbellies of your cabinets is easy with convenient under cabinet fixtures bookcase lighting under cabinet lighting bookshelf lighting
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