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The 1000Bulbs.com blog is where we collect the joined knowledge of our techs, sales-people, and content writers to give you the inside information on how lighting works and how to best implement it in your business or small home. From new technologies to traditional techniques, we outline all of the tips, tricks, and techniques used in the industry. Our blog covers how-tos for home lighting, DIY craft projects, breakdowns of industry terminology, and an extensive set of hydroponics articles. Between the information on LEDs and water-saving hydroponics, you could reduce your own home emissions and costs with just some work. This is why we’re here, free-of-charge, as a resource to you.  Nationally recognized for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction, 1000Bulbs.com is an influential force in the lighting industry that was forged from humble beginnings. We do not currently accept guest posts. 

In 1979, Kim Pedersen responded to an ad for a lighting sales position. From his Elkhorn, Nebraska base, Kim sold lighting door-to-door throughout the Midwest until 1982, when he relocated to Dallas, Texas to work for a national lighting distributor.

In 1994 Kim believed that the time had come to start his own business. With a small amount of personal savings, Kim began his operation from a spare room in his home with an old door over two sawhorses as a desk. Selling by day, his evenings were consumed by the requisite paperwork; invoices were produced on an old typewriter. Resolve and determination were strengthened by the daily demands, and one day often transitioned to the next without a break.

In 1995 Kim began investigating the then-new Internet as a portal to the marketplace. The next year 1000Bulbs.com was launched. Since then we’ve seen astounding growth and quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the lighting industry.

Meet the Writers

Ashley Hunter - Senior Copywriter

Ashley is a Senior Copywriter for 1000Bulbs.com with a background in graphic design and a degree in marketing and web programming. Aside from bribing her latest plant hostage to live, she spends her time dreaming of Christmas lighting displays that will most likely blackout the neighborhood. Read more about her gardening and lighting discoveries every week.

Angela Rogers - Copywriter

Angela is a Copywriter for 1000Bulbs.com with a degree in business management. When not cheering on her daughter at karate tournaments, she designs book covers for authors, proofreads manuscripts, and has a mom blog. She enjoys photography, reading, kayaking, DIY projects, and gardening. Check back for how to’s, lighting design tips, and buyer’s guides on all things lighting.