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5 Lights to Improve Your Home in 2 Hours or Less

5 Lights to Improve Your Home in 2 Hours or Less

Sometimes adding value to your home can be a costly and time-intensive project. Hats off to the DIY weekend warriors of the world but if you’re short on funds or time, some quick, low-cost projects are in order. While lighting can be an expensive undertaking, we know a few lights that can keep your wallet happy and you can install them on a weeknight or between running errands.

LED Downlights


If you already have recessed lighting and want to make a quick upgrade, try LED downlight modules. Rather than replace the whole unit, you can remove the trim, unscrew the old bulb, and screw in a LED. The retrofit downlights are a combination of an LED bulb and a trim for easy lighting enhancement. If you want recessed lights but don’t have the ceiling clearance or don’t want to fuss over housing, then ultra thin LED downlights might be the best option for you. You still have to cut holes in your ceiling but save yourself some money when you factor in the cost of separate housing, time for installation, and the electrician you may need to properly wire traditional recessed lighting.


Bluetooth LED speaker downlights may have an increased initial cost but you get the benefits of two devices in one fixture. Not only does this downlight screw into your pre-existing recessed housing like standard LED downlight modules, you also receive the added benefit of a Bluetooth sound system. The speakers are ETL certified for wet locations for versatile placement—gain hosting points by adding music to your bathroom, covered patio, or kitchen to wow and impress your guests during parties. It takes less than 10 minutes to sync the fixtures to your Bluetooth device..

LED Under Cabinet Lights


Hardwire under cabinet light fixtures can be a bit confusing to connect and wire to a light switch. However, you can simplify the process by using interconnectable plug-in LED under cabinet fixtures instead. All you have to do is screw in some mounting clips, plug your fixtures or LED light bars together, and then plug the length of the lighting into a nearby outlet. 

Lighting Tip: LED under cabinet light fixtures almost always have a light switch on each length, LED light bars often do not. Instead, the main outlet cord for the light bar can have the switch or a separate switch module. You decide which feature matters: More control or a more compact design?

Antique LED Bulbs


You can quickly boost any fixture or lamp’s style with antique bulbs. Swap basic light bulbs for the warm glow and unique shape of replica Edison bulbs. Most antique bulbs have a slightly amber tint for aesthetic in addition to their 2200-2400-Kelvin color temperature.  If you’re concerned about your décor color not playing well with that yellowish light, opt for antique LED bulbs with clear finishes in warm 2700K or bright 3000K color temperature. 

Patio Light Sets


An outdoor lighting upgrade doesn’t have to mean a day spent in the hot sun. Quickly transform your backyard with patio string light sets. Since the incandescent or LED bulbs are already included, you just need to screw them in and hang up your new lighting. If you need a post to hang your light from, you can build one. Head to your local home improvement store for wooden posts, c-hook screws, large planter pots, and quick concrete. After you screw the c-hooks to the top of the wood post, mix the quick concrete in the planter.  Set the post inside the planter and use scrap wood, or painter’s tape for lighter posts, to hold it in place while the concrete dries for 20-40 minutes.  If you fill the planter only partially with concrete, you can drill holes just above the cement line for drainage. Then add pebbles, potting soil, and your favorite greenery to make your post double as a flower bed.

LED Tape Light


You can heighten the décor of any space by using LED tape light as accent lighting. Place these convenient strip lights under book shelves, kitchen cabinets, your TV, or even under the lip of the pool! For a length of 16 feet or less, LED tape light is easier to manage and assemble. True to its name, the adhesive tape on the back of these strip lights makes mounting simple. Use L, T, or plus sign-shaped connectors to create a wide range of configurations with lengths of tape light. For outdoor lighting and places where water is sure to find you, use waterproof LED strip lights. Although these strip lights don’t have the sticky backing, they make up for it by being submersible up to six feet deep; perfect for that nighttime pool party.

Upgrading your lighting should be as easy as turning on the light switch. Call our team of lighting experts at 1-800-624-4488, if you would like more help to improve your home’s lights.

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