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5 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Lights

Have you ever noticed how twinkling string lights on a Christmas tree or through a frosted window can create a warm, inviting ambiance? Well, if you’re someone who wants that magical feeling all year long, decorating your bedroom with Christmas lights will transform it into a comfortable oasis.  Although Christmas lights are most widely used to decorate trees, fireplaces, and home exteriors during the holiday season, they have become a popular way to bring a little sparkle and decorative flair to everyday interiors. Here are five ways to keep your bedroom cozy and festive no matter the time of year!

Dress Up Your Mirror

Whether it’s a large standing mirror like this one, or a small mirror mounted on your bedroom wall, Christmas lights will instantly bring new life to this décor staple. Make sure your mirror is close to a plug, and simply drape the lights any way that you wish. Just about any light will work to create this look, but wide angle LED lights will emit omni-directional light for better illumination, not to mention the fact that they are 10 times more energy efficient than incandescent lights. Besides, everyone’s reflection looks a little bit better under the soft glow of dim, ambient lighting.

Wrap Your Bed Frame

To create a cozy place to catch some Zs, try wrapping lights around the bars of your bed frame.  If you’re going for a dainty look with a touch of whimsy, try LED mini berry light strings. Whether you choose classic white or multi-color light strings, your bed will become a charming R&R destination. With a magical atmosphere like this, you’ll never want to leave!

Create Your Own Desk Lamp

Standard table and desk lamps are all well and good, but why not make your own? Find a medium to large glass jar, vase, or bottle and fill it with the lights of your choosing! You can use traditional incandescent mini string lights  or personalize your new lamp by using festive novelty lights. Not only are light-filled jars one of the simplest DIY projects out there, but these whimsical creations will look lovely lighting up your desk, bedside table, or bookshelf.

Window Focal Point

For a bit of a softer glow, hang lights behind window curtains made from a sheer fabric. The fabric will slightly dim the lights as well as create a luminous focal point in your bedroom. To achieve this look, try stringing LED C6 lights or anything similar along your window and use the curtains as a light-diffusing screen. The LED lights will not only stay cool against the fabric, but they’ll help you cut down on energy costs!

Make It Your Own

One of the best things about Christmas lights is that, with a little imagination and the right tools, you can arrange them into any shape your heart desires! While you can use a hammer and nails to create an outline for your design, you can also use mini adhesive light clips for easy mounting. Each clip comes with a 3M adhesive strip for a strong hold on surfaces and will work with both incandescent and LED mini string lights.

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