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Bias Lighting: 4 Ways to Backlight a TV

Bias Lighting: 4 Ways to Backlight a TV

Bias lighting is a new trend that is steadily on the rise. Not only can backlighting your TV help reduce the eye strain caused by watching a bright screen in a dark room, it can also improve the contrast of the picture. There are many different ways to add backlighting to your television; regardless of your chosen method, LEDs are the best type of lights to use since they don’t put out much heat that can damage your electronics. Whether you want a permanent solution or something for special occasions, here are four different way to install bias lighting.

LED Strip Lights

Yellow LED strip lighting

One of the most common bias lighting techniques is attaching LED strip lights to the back of your television. You can find tons of kits online, many of which boast the ability to change color. However, the best color for bias lighting is white since colored lights can distort the picture’s color. Depending on the size of your TV, a simple foot-long strip could be all you need. And for bigger screens, these strip lights can be connected together for longer runs. Most LED strip lights have an adhesive backing, so installation is as simple as peel, stick, done. Just be sure you’re using the right driver.

Light Bar Fixture

This method is done using any kind of light bar fixture. These LED light bars are a good choice because they emit color temperatures up to 5000 Kelvin, which won’t produce any color distortion on your screen. Light bar fixtures can be mounted to the wall behind your TV for permanent bias lighting, or you can simply set it down on the entertainment center behind the television if you aren’t quite ready to commit.

Work Light

lamp fixture turned upwards

Another temporary installation is to use any work light or desk lamp with a utility clamp. This method won’t work if your TV is wall mounted, since it requires you to clamp the light to the back edge of your entertainment center. Use a bulb that has a stark white color temperature and point the lamp at the back of the TV screen.

Unshaded Lamp

And, of course, for those of us with no time for DIY projects, simply take the shade off a table lamp and place it behind the TV. We recommend an LED bulb with a stark white color temperature and a lamp that’s shorter than your TV. This method isn’t as pretty as others, but it can be just as effective.

Ready to take on bias lighting? Have you found another creative way to backlight your TV? Send in your methods and photos to our social media at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

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