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10 Must-Have Christmas Decorations

10 Must-Have Christmas Decorations

It happens to the best of us. You think you have everything you need to dress up your home for the holidays, but when the time comes to decorate, you realize you're in need of a few finishing touches. If you're wondering how to complete your repertoire of Christmas decorations, don't sweat it: we've got you covered. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or you simply enjoy the Christmas spirit in your home, these decorations can round off your holiday décor. We know you weren’t born yesterday – but some of our ideas may surprise you!

1. Christmas Lights


We’ll start with the bare basics: Christmas just isn’t complete without Christmas lights. 1000Bulbs.com offers mini string lights, larger C6, C7 and C9 string lights and bulbs, battery-operated lights, tree wrap lights, net lights, light curtains and more. Not only can Christmas lights illuminate the outside of your home or adorn your Christmas tree, but they can also add a little extra sparkle to non-traditional places such as doorways, window sills, bookshelves and cabinets. You might even want to invest in LED Christmas lights this year so you can take advantage of great energy savings over the holidays. Check out our Christmas Light Guide and LED Christmas Light Guide for more information about your options.

2. Christmas Tree


Selecting a Christmas tree can be as easy as picking out a random one at the store or taking home a real one from the tree farm. But will you be getting the best quality tree or the best value for your money? We provide premium quality trees in a variety of sizes and shapes, along with the tools you need to make the best purchasing decision possible using our one-of-a-kind Tree Selector. Educate yourself with our Christmas Tree Guide and maybe even make a purchase today!

3. Ornaments

A Christmas tree without ornaments is a pretty boring evergreen. If you feel like your collection of ornaments is outdated or could use a few accent pieces, we have a great selection to fill in the gaps. From animals and shells to candies, Santas, and traditional ball shapes with hooks, we have everything you need to makeover your Christmas tree.

4. Garland


Don’t underestimate the power of garland for enhancing your holiday display. Bringing more greenery into your home by accenting shelves, hallways, or bannisters will spread the warmth and natural feel of Christmas while complementing your tree. We have lit and unlit options, some with pinecones and other natural elements, and others in bright colors such as crystal white and sky blue to fit any décor scheme.

5. Wreaths

Wreaths are a staple of Christmas decorating. What doorway or mantelpiece wouldn’t be more enticing with a welcoming Christmas wreath? We offer options that match our selection of garland and Christmas trees, as well as some unique options such as this festive multi-color ornament wreath.

6. Ribbons


Ribbons are a trick of the holiday trade, sprucing up everything from presents and Christmas trees to garlands and wreaths. Although thick red ribbons and bows are a holiday favorite, wouldn’t the presents under your tree look even more enticing wrapped in light-up LED ribbons? Not every present needs an illuminated wrap, but a few here and there could do a lot to beautify your gift display.

7. Candles

Christmas candles are an integral part of many holiday mantels, displays and tablescapes. Yet regular candles often result in melted wax, fire hazards, and strong scents. On the other hand, battery-operated LED candles don’t have any of these issues, and you can bring them out year after year. Consider upgrading your holiday décor with stylish pillar candles or a beautiful caged lantern.

9. LED Stem Twig Lights


It’s common for twigs and branches to bedeck many winter-themed holiday arrangements, but wouldn’t it be an added bonus if they lit up? These LED Stem Twig Lights are perfect for the job. Coming with a controller that allows you to time them to automatically turn on and off during the day or night, our twig lights are both enchanting and energy-efficient.

10. Lanterns

LED lanterns provide homes with a subtle touch of Christmas charm, allowing you to enjoy brighter light than candles without having to deal with the mess of melted wax. Lanterns can be used indoors on mantles or end tables, or as dining room centerpieces. They can also be used outdoors on either side of your front or back entrances or to add a warm glow to chilly pathways and steps.

So that's all for now folks! Do you have any decorations you bring out every year that aren’t on this list? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments or on FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedInPinterest, or Instagram!

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