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Fitness Center Lighting to Keep Membership High

Fitness Center Lighting to Keep Membership High

Fitness centers are a space where people go to pump iron or cycle away to the popping tunes of the early 2000’s and fully commit to dripping away last night’s loaded lasagna dinner. Whether someone is a gym rat or cringes at the mere mention of barbells and treadmills, creating an environment that allows members to feel focused and active is vital. Besides using updated equipment, one way to create the right mood for your workout facility is through lighting.

Main Fitness Center Floor

In fitness facilities, the main floor is probably one of the most important areas of the gym. Often facilities aim to incorporate large windows into these spaces, providing members with natural light.  Natural light can help people feel more energized and alert during their exercise routine, which adds to a more productive fitness environment. However, for those individuals that visit your gym after dark, you still want them to feel motivated by the atmosphere. 

Because gyms tend to have higher ceilings, you’ll need overhead light fixtures that provide plenty of illumination without making the environment feel imposing. Consider incorporating LED high bay fixtures. Saving over 60% in energy costs, they last between 50,000 to 100,000 life hours. For a less expensive option, fluorescent high-bay fixtures save 50% in energy costs over traditional light sources. Both fixtures also produce less heat than high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Choose lights that have a color temperature between 5000K-6500K, to provide a crisp clear light similar to the sun. Fitness centers open longer than 12 hours each day, may want to consider using LED high bays. Although the initial cost is more expensive, the overall life and energy savings of LEDs is more beneficial than fluorescents when factoring in maintenance.  


To boost the effects of specialized fitness classes such as yoga and cycling, the ambiance needs to be drastically different. In yoga classes for example, the mood should feel calm and relaxing so guests are more in tuned with their meditative state. Besides incorporating soft music to create this environment, soft lighting is also essential. Use dimmers and battery operated LED candles to create muted lighting for your guests. Keep general lighting in the room around 2700K.

For cycling classes, guests need to feel more excited. Some gyms like to create more of a party or club atmosphere for these classes, at times even using a DJ to liven the mood.  Lights for this atmosphere need to feel animated. Consider pairing colored bulbs and black lights along with bright overhead lighting to add to the festive atmosphere.  According to Grace DeSimone, editor of the American College of Sports Medicine's Resources, “Where there is more movement, there needs to be more light. In a boot camp class or high-intensity class, bright lighting is imperative to see the activity and to avoid injury. But at the end of class, once everyone is relaxed and seated on a mat, dimming the lights for a cool-down and stretch can be a calming experience."

Locker Room

Before and after a workout, most clients spend at least a few minutes in the locker room. It’s vital to keep illumination even and bright so visitors are able to see exactly what they are doing. For this space, keep overhead lights bright, around 5000K.

After working out, guests may need to use vanity mirrors for shaving or washing their face.  Look for lights that have a high CRI, or color rendering index, that is above 80 and as close to 100 as possible. This is especially helpful for those guests applying makeup. Lights with a higher CRI help them to see true colors of eyeshadow and foundations.

sauna lighting

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Both saunas and steam rooms are typically located in the locker room area. Saunas use dry heat, while steam rooms provide a moist wet heat. Because the settings are different, it is important that the correct light bulbs are used. Lighting in the sauna should feel pleasant and soft. Because the space should not be heavily illuminated and is made more for relaxation, try using LED downlights. You may also consider purchasing infrared heat lamps that are also shatter resistant. These bulbs are specially coated to protect against glass if breakage occurs.

With lower ambient heat and humidity, steam rooms usually have temperatures around 110 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. In high-heat and moist settings, light bulbs need to be placed in sturdy recessed fixtures. You should also be certain that lights and fixtures are rated for wet locations and can withstand high temperatures.

Implementing the correct lighting techniques is vital for the success of your fitness center. Maintain a space that creates productivity and balance. The right lights could mean the difference between people joining your gym or making it a one-time visit. Are your ready to reconsider the lighting in your fitness center? Contact our sales department for help at (800) 624-4488. 

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