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Last Minute Christmas Lights – Part 2

Last Minute Christmas Lights – Part 2

Christmas is just a week away. If you need to look festive before a massive influx of family and friends descends upon your home, then we have a few ideas to decorate your house, inside and out, in a hurry. Here are our last minute go-to Christmas lights for the procrastinator in all of us.


In a previous post, we detailed a few quick lighting ideas. For example, if your neighbor’s house is lit up like the North Pole, you can create a “Ditto” sign out of rope light with an arrow pointing to their extravaganza while basking in your ingenuity. You could also grab Grinch-sized cutout with a single strand of lights to create the illusion that your holiday was stolen. However, if you need other options, we’ve come up with a few more easy-to-do lighting displays.


Net Lights

Net lights are simple to use. Just spread them out on your bushes and hedges for neatly-arranged, traditional lighting worthy of Martha Stewart without the cost a professional decorator. You can also use net lights to wrap trees, creating a diamond pattern on the trunks. If you’re in an artsy mood and having a party, hang your net lights on a wall for a fun photo moment.

Light Spheres

Multicolor Starlight Sphere

Multicolor Starlight Sphere

Light spheres can be battery-operated or plugged into an outlet. Get a dozen of these and sprinkle them around your yard to give the neighbors something to talk about. Line your walkway with glowing orbs or use sturdy cords to hang them from trees. You could place spheres on tall vases on either side of your front porch archway or inside the foyer of your home. At 1000Bulbs.com, we have 3 styles of light sphere. For the brightest spheres in your display, we have spheres with incandescent or LED string light bulbs covering the outside. Our holographic starlight sphere will mystify visitors as the stars fade in and out of the sphere’s interior. To go the more traditional route, we have spheres with crystalline casing to add to a classic occasion.

Battery-Operated Lights


Convenient and portable, use battery-operated lights to make your rooms merry and bright. Add them to wreaths or pile them into transparent vases. The ultra-thin wire lights, sometimes known as “fairy lights”, are made of a tiny LEDs soldered to two wires and small drops of plastic coating to protect the wiring connection and color the light from the LED. These lights provide pinpricks of illumination and are flexible enough to fit in the most unusual places like that ugly Christmas sweater, a winter wonderland shadow box, or sprawling Christmas village.


Pre-Lit Garlands and Wreaths

This option saves time. Rather than wrap your wreath or garland with lights by hand, use pre-lit wreaths and garlands to decorate more quickly. Typically, pre-lit greenery is wired with either warm white or multicolored string lights. The strands use incandescent or LEDs and come in various lengths for garlands and diameters for wreaths.

LED Outdoor Trees

Do you have 10 minutes? Then you can set up this tree. These LED outdoor trees are perfect for last minute finishing touches. In your procrastination-produced panic, all you have to do is screw the pole and stand together and add the included indoor/outdoor-rated flexible LED neon rope light. Choose an RGB tree, which comes with a remote, to color coordinate or phase colors in and out to delight your family.

Lighting Tip: Don’t waste time glaring at a cord that just isn’t long enough or send yourself into hysterics by tripping a fuse five minutes before the in-laws arrive. Use extension cords for extra length and invest in surge protectors to guard your main breaker panel against overload. Only plug a few cords into each outlet to spread out the power load.

Were these quick and easy enough to assemble? If you need more time-saving or simple ideas to decorate for the holidays in a hurry, call us at 1-800-624-4488. Our agents are happy to help you with lighting solutions that take some stress out of the season and bring back your good cheer.

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