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Light Bulb Shape Guide: Globes

Light Bulb Shape Guide: Globes

Primarily used for decorative purposes, globe shaped bulbs have the ability to add glamour throughout different spaces. Although globes can be paired with enclosed fixtures, they are often used with non-enclosed fixtures to display their gorgeous spherical design. 

Globe Light Bulb Shapes

The code for the shape of these bulbs is made up of two variables, the letter “G” which represents the term “Globe,” followed by a number which refers to the diameter of the bulb. This is number is often expressed in eighths of an inch. See some of the most common shapes and measurements in the chart below.


Shape Diameter in Inches
G9 1.125"
G11 1.375"
G12 1.5"
G16 2"
G19 2.375"
G25 3.125"
G30 3.75"
G40 5"


Globe Bulb Base Types

Like the beautiful round shapes of these sphere-like bulbs, the bases for globes also vary. The prefix “E” comes from the word “Edison,” while the second variable, measured in millimeters refers to the diameter of the base. As revealed in our previous post, Light Bulb Shape Guide: A-Shape, the diameter of most light bulbs is expressed in millimeters. For example, a light bulb with an E17 intermediate base would equate to 17mm or rounded up to .67 inches. See common bulb bases in the chart below. 

Code Base Type
E12 Candelabra
E17 Intermediate
E26/27 Medium


What are some Globe Light Bulb Types?

Globes are available in a variety of shapes and styles. If you’re considering going a more energy efficient route, try investing in LED globes. These energy efficient bulbs come in clear or frosted and may last upwards of 50,000 life hours.  For a more vintage vibe, try gorgeous antique globes with spiral or squirrel cage filament. The amber tint finish makes these vintage light bulbs a must for restoration projects. Other options include standard incandescent globes and the extra sleek silver incandescent bowl globe. The frosted silver bowl redirects the light inside your pendants allowing your bulbs to looks simply gorgeous above tabletops.

Some G16 globe lights can provide a nice alternative for chandelier lighting, whereas G11s are an excellent choice for restoration lighting décor.  One of the most classic ways globes can be used is to embellish and illuminate vanity mirrors. Other decorative options for globes include:

·         Patio stringers for wedding decor

·         Hanging as pendants over a kitchen island or table

·         Bedroom chandeliers

·         Creating a terrarium once the bulb has burnt out

Globes are a great way to add charm and sophistication to the inner and outer layers of your home. Whether you want to spruce up your vanity or create an evening of enchantment with patio lights, globe lights are an excellent choice. How are you using globes in your home? Send us pictures in the comments section below, or show us a little of your lumen love on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.




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