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Outdoor Lighting Trends: Summer 2018

Outdoor Lighting Trends: Summer 2018

With lots of new decorating trends this year, it’s easy to get carried away with redecorating. In fact, many people spend so much time on their indoor spaces that they forget about their outdoor ones. If you are one for keeping up with what’s hot, here is a look at 2018’s top summer decorating trends and how you can implement them in your outdoor spaces.

Pops of Color

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Pops of color are a hot rend for interior décor this year and can easily be incorporated for outdoors. There are several popular colors to choose from. For a bright summer feel, try ice cream inspired pastel colors. They can be used for placemats, table clothes, and napkins. Another color tend that is gaining steam this year is indigo blues, which can be worked in as vases, flowers, cups, or plates. Gold is the new black this year. Bright gold charger plates, wine glasses with gold stems, or gold decorative fixtures can help add a touch of elegance to any setting. Add color to your outdoor lighting by placing colored LED bulbs in your patio string lights and decorative fixtures.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns on wallpaper have become very popular this year as well. While you can’t exactly wallpaper outside, you can use lanterns to cast shapes around your patio. Replace globes and shades on decorative fixtures and light stings with wire cages. You can also toss in some decorative pillows, throw rugs, and planters with designs.


Go Green with Foliage

Leafy green houseplants are making a resurgence. Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and anxiety, which is exactly what you want for your outdoor area. Good leafy plants include banana trees and palms. Small cypress or juniper trees can also be added to create a privacy screen. For flowering plants, try lantana or hibiscus. Your plants can be highlighted at night with small lights or a solar LED spot light.

Twinkling Lights

An interesting trend for outdoor lighting this year is to drape small groups of lights, like LED Christmas lights with laser tips, in and around plants. When the breeze hits the leaves or branches, it creates a twinkling effect. The same effect can be done on a larger scale with patio string lights. Hang your lights along tree branches, allowing them to drape down slightly amongst the leaves. It is recommended that you use LED bulbs instead of glass to ensure that the bulbs do not break if they hit a branch.


Showing Off Texture

Another lighting trend that has gained popularity is wall grazing. This lighting technique works best with uneven surfaces such as stucco, stone, and brick. Lights are angled to shine just over the surface, creating shadows. This can be accomplished using LED flood lights positioned close to the bottom of a wall to dramatically show off the wall’s texture.

Guest Friendly Landscaping

The ultimate goal is for your décor to be welcoming to all who enter. The exterior of your house should be just as welcoming. Which sounds more appealing: a poorly lit sidewalk or one that’s lit so friends can see where they are going? Light Hedges, walkways, and entrances with solar lights, bollards, and landscape bullets to help create a more guest-friendly atmosphere. Use rope light to line the edging of your flower beds or walkways. Just make sure to properly seal any splices to ensure it stays water tight.

These are just a few of the top trends for summer 2018. Is there another trend you think is hot in 2018? Let us know in a comment below or on our FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedIn, or Pinterest pages.

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