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Safety Lights for Nighttime Activities

Safety Lights for Nighttime Activities

You’ve just made it home from a long day at work, and you’ve decided to go ahead and go for an evening walk or jog. Before going out this evening, you may want to consider taking a few precautions so that you are safely seen while out and about. Here are a few tips on how you can stand out at night.

Glow Sticks 


Glow sticks seem to work for a variety of applications. From illuminated Easter egg hunts to camping trips, these little sticks of light are always coming in handy. While working out in the evening it may be helpful to take a few with you. Try tying a couple around your wrist or ankles to create wrist and ankle bands.  Get extra creative and connect one or two around your waist for a lighting belt or around your neck as a glowing necklace. The sticks can also be added to your shoe laces.

One great thing about glow sticks besides their illumination is they are waterproof. Try making your own illuminated weights by simply adding one or two 1.5 inch glow sticks to two water bottles. Fill the bottles halfway and use them as illuminated weights. Just remember not to drink the water!

Light Shape Circle Markers


Perhaps you are considering running a late night marathon.  Besides wearing neon colored clothing, you may want to add a little light to your evening half marathon attire. Made with the same technology used in most glow sticks, light shape circle markers are round, adhesive light patches that can be stuck almost anywhere, including clothing. These single-application patches last 4 hours and are waterproof, making them ideal for those exhilarating midnight walks or runs.



Though you may feel like a flashlight could weigh you down during your fun nighttime activities, they are helpful in guiding your path at night. Offering a steady stream of precise and narrow light, flashlights can help you see things up ahead. You can also use flashlights while biking.  Consider using a flashlight with a holster and placing it inside your bicycle basket. Speaking of biking, you can add additional lighting to your bicycle using tape lights as we discussed in How to Light Your Bike with LED Strip Lights.


Photo courtesy of www.guardian.co.uk
Photo courtesy of www.guardian.co.uk

Maybe this evening you would prefer to explore a wooded trail nearby. Of course you can use all the items we have already mentioned, but you may also want to consider bringing along a battery operated lantern. Battery operated lanterns can provide you with overall lighting to help guide your path, which is especially helpful in wooded areas, plus they are portable. Consider choosing a lantern that’s more energy-efficient, such as an LED powered lantern. Some lanterns last upwards of 40 hours, plenty of time for you to explore throughout the evening.

You could also use the lanterns as more of a lamp, to help with additional lighting while you work on some of those exhilarating outdoor chores that got away from you last weekend, like mowing the lawn, or sweeping your front porch.  Who says it has to be done during the daytime?

Additional Information 

With any type of physical activity, the most important thing is safety first. Beyond wearing and using items that illuminate, it is also important to enjoy your evening work out in a lighted area, such as a well-lit park or jogging/walking trail. You may also want to consider investing in a lightweight headlamp if you tend to have issues with visibility after a certain time of night. Headlamps help to cut through the darkness and can be helpful if you don’t want to carry a flashlight.

Once the sun goes down, and your tennis shoes are ready to hit that pavement, remember that staying illuminated and staying safe go hand in hand. What have your experiences been while working out at night? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and as always, drop us a line on Facebook,Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.

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