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Stay Warm and Save Energy This Winter

Dec 19, 14 Stay Warm and Save Energy This Winter

Winter is a widely celebrated season, but unfortunately it can come at a high cost—literally. As anyone living in an area with chilly winters will know, when temperatures drop, electric bills begin to rise. While some would rather put up with a cooler home than pay the price for proper heating, others in more brutal climates may not be able to make this sacrifice. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to have your cake and eat it too. Here’s how to keep your home warm over the winter months without maxing out your electric bill.

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Christmas Tree Contest

Dec 17, 14 Christmas Tree Contest

We are proud to announce our “Christmas Tree Contest” set to begin December 17th and end at midnight on December 26th.

We want you to share your Christmas tree with us on Facebook! One lucky winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

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Poinsettia Care for Winter-Long Blooming

Dec 15, 14 Poinsettia Care for Winter-Long Blooming

December 12th is honored as National Poinsettia Day, and with it just having passed us, I imagine a quick glance around your home will reveal at least one of these beautiful plants sitting in splendor on a window sill.  It may surprise you to learn that these beautiful holiday plants are actually small trees, not flowers.  The blooms on these plants are very small and unattractive, but it’s the bright red bracts (modified leaves) that attract insects for pollination and entice us to decorate our homes with this festive shrub.  With proper care, they won’t just give you a beautiful winter, but they can grace your home with vibrant colors next year too.

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Lighting Accents for Elegant Winter Weddings

Dec 12, 14 Lighting Accents for Elegant Winter Weddings

Winter weddings have had a bad rap due to the unpredictability of the weather. Yet for those who crave a particularly elegant experience, it may be the perfect time to tie the knot. Celebrations typically include sophisticated white, ivory, and metallic décor, along with wintry tree branches atop reception tables and carefully placed Christmas lights bringing a cozy ambiance to the whole ordeal. But even if you’re hosting a not-so traditional winter wedding, these smart lighting accents can add vital touches of warmth to any reception.

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Dec 09, 14 Partners with DCSEU to Provide Substantial Savings to DC Residents

In an effort to promote reduced greenhouse gas emissions, is partnering with the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) to offer instant rebates on a selection of ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs purchased online by Washington, DC residents. As a result of this partnership, DC residents may purchase up to 12 discounted CFL or LED light bulbs from now through March 2015. Bulbs are up to 50% off regular retail pricing.

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Antique Edison Bulbs Get An LED Upgrade

Dec 08, 14 Antique Edison Bulbs Get An LED Upgrade

Antique-style Edison bulbs are a subtle update people use in their home or business to help make their fixtures pop.  Few people look up while their dining at their favorite restaurant or watering hole. But, if you were to there’s a chance you may notice these antique bulbs helping to set the mood.  They provide a vintage look and are often used with a modern fixture to balance its appearance in a room.  Their amber glow instantly changes whatever room they’re placed in.

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