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The Best Lighting for Your Bedroom


The bedroom is considered a place of rest and relaxation. But if you think about it, you do much more in your bedroom than catch up on sleep. Activities such as reading, studying, or just watching television all require some amount of lighting, whether directed on specific areas or simply present in the background. While all bedrooms are different and require a unique lighting plan, here’s what you need to know to choose the best lighting for your bedroom. Continue Reading


Beam Angle: Seeing Spots and Floods

How to Choose a Beam Angle

While there isn’t an official university degree for lighting, understanding differences in beam angles for lights will help to focus your understanding of effective lighting techniques.  Regardless of whether you’re lighting a home, garage, or showroom floor, you need to control how much light you have and where it goes.  Beam angle is often a deciding factor for exactly which bulb or fixture you need for an application, though you only need a general idea of how much area is covered by a lamp, issues with light pollution, energy efficiency, or even bothering your neighbors with light spillage (when excess light shines through windows or into unintended locations) can all be resolved by using the correct light for the right job.  Continue Reading


Smart Lighting in Smart Cities


LED smart lighting has been a hot topic lately, and for good reason. Using visible light communication (VLC), LED smart lights broadcast digital content such as video, sound, image, text, and even GPS coordinates to smart phones or other devices via light waves. VLC can transfer data up to 10 times faster than Wi-Fi, and because it doesn’t use radio waves, there is no risk of interference with other connected devices. While smart lighting has many valuable uses in the home and even in commercial settings, we have yet to discuss the greater potential of this innovative technology in cities. Continue Reading


Installing Rope Light Outdoors

How to install weatherproof rope light outdoors

Robust and flexible, rope light seems to find itself being used more and more often for everything from subtle decorations to brilliant accents or guide-lighting.  By now you know that rope lights are perfect for outdoor decoration as well.  Many of the custom installations require you to cut and splice rope light to fit, but the first cut renders your rope light unfit for the outdoors as it invalidates the UL rating.  So here’s a quick guide from start to finish for how to properly install outdoor rope lighting that’s fully weatherproof without impeding the light it’s supposed to give. Continue Reading