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NEW Green Creative Cloud BR30 LED Bulbs at

Jan 27, 15 NEW Green Creative Cloud BR30 LED Bulbs at

Featuring a revolutionary lightweight design, the new Green Creative Cloud BR30 LED bulbs are making their debut at The BR30 Cloud LED is the latest addition to Green Creative’s Titanium LED Series 4.0, but unlike other bulbs in the series, it uses 35% less material for a more environmentally friendly construction and provides a more efficient light output at up to 87 lumens per watt. It is one of the five Green Creative lamps chosen for the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 2014 Progress Report, which showcases unique and innovative products significant to the lighting industry.

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How Do I Setup Greenhouse Ventilation?

Jan 26, 15 How Do I Setup Greenhouse Ventilation?

Ventilation is extremely important to your plants.  Without proper ventilation, CO2 levels can become stagnant around plants and temperatures can reach damaging levels.  Regular air flow is necessary to refresh the air with a new supply of CO2 while keeping lamps and plants cool in hot weather.  While we’ve covered methods of cooling, and the effects of air circulation in your grow room before, we haven’t really spoken on how to properly set up a ventilation system in your greenhouse.  You’ll find there are two common types of ventilation:  IN/OUT and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

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Choosing a Motion Sensor for your Lights

Jan 23, 15 Choosing a Motion Sensor for your Lights

So, you’ve finally “seen the light” and realized that motion sensors are a good fit for your home. They are not only useful for detecting unwanted visitors, but they can also save you the trouble of turning lights on when your hands are full and avoid the costs of wasted energy when you forget to turn lights off (which, let’s be honest, happens more often than you’d like to admit). But with the variety of options available, how do you choose the right motion sensor for your lights?

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Dressing Room Lighting and Perception

Jan 21, 15 Dressing Room Lighting and Perception

It begins from outside the store. Catching a glimpse of an enchanting navy dress gracing a mannequin, a customer becomes intrigued. A few steps in, a look around, and her eyes have found the dress on the rack. Upon finding her size she grabs the garb and scurries away to the fitting room.  But in an instant, her mind could be transferred away from the beautiful navy number to the unflattering shadows being cast on her face.

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5 Common LED Questions

Jan 19, 15 5 Common LED Questions

We have posted many guides and FAQs for LED lights, but it’s difficult to cover everything in a single article.  LEDs are more complicated than any previous lamp, and it can take a while to learn everything about them.  Recently, I helped my Dad’s church move from the traditional incandescents their building had used for 100 years, to the LEDs in their new building.  They had several questions, such as cost and lifespan, with more adding on even after everything was installed.  So I’d like to pass these common questions, and their answers, on to you.

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Lighting Controls Can Save You Money

Jan 16, 15 Lighting Controls Can Save You Money

While upgrading to LEDs is always recommended, another way to save on energy costs is by installing lighting controls in your home. Of course you can also save energy by simply turning off your lights, but sometimes we forget or don’t notice we’ve left them on. Plus, lighting controls such as dimmers, timers, and motion sensors allow you to manipulate your lighting according to time of day or activity, which can be useful in many situations. The lighting control you should use, and where, depends on a room’s purpose and occupancy.

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