About 1000Bulbs.com

Worldwide Distribution Center in Garland, Texas

As Founder of 1000Bulbs.com, Kim Pedersen oversees an award-winning business of more than 100 employees. An Internet-based enterprise, the company offers everything from simple, household light bulbs to cutting-edge specialty lighting systems.

Nationally recognized for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction, 1000Bulbs.com is an influential force in the Lighting Industry forged from humble beginnings.

In 1979, Kim responded to an ad for a lighting sales position. From his Elkhorn, NE base Kim sold lighting door-to-door throughout the Midwest until 1982, when he relocated to Dallas TX to work for a National Lighting Distributor.

In 1994 Kim believed that the time had come to start his own business. With a small amount of personal savings, Kim began his operation from a spare room in his home. His desk was an old door positioned over two saw horses. Selling by day, evenings were consumed by the requisite paperwork; invoices were produced on an old typewriter. Resolve and determination were strengthened by the daily demands, and one day often transitioned to the next without a break.

In 1995 Kim began investigating the then-new Internet as a portal to the marketplace. The next year 1000Bulbs.com was launched. It soon became evident the market was ready for this new buying experience. The company grew rapidly, creating jobs and growing customers along the way.

Shipping over 1,300 items per day. Handling more than 850 boxes daily with a 92% in-stock ship rate.

Today 1000Bulbs.com enjoys annual sales of eight figures along with double digit sales growth. An image of the founder, it is a company that does not rest on success. Previously recognized among Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 Private Companies, SMU Cox School of Business Top 100, and a host of other awards, Kim Pedersen was recognized in June 2010 as Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Goods – by Ernst and Young within the market region including Dallas-Ft. Worth TX. On the same day, 1000Bulbs.com launched a new and improved website.

The quest for the ultimate customer experience goes on every day at the Company’s Garland, TX Headquarters.

  • Yvonne Moore

    Have a question. With the florescent and halogen bulb bands, can folks who have a shop full of 20 year old likely T12 -4 and 8 ft florescent bulbs just change to 4 and 8ft. T8 bulbs, or do we need to change ballast, get an adapter, or buy completely new fixtures. I have the same question about the halogen fixtures. My recent kitchen halogen fixtures seem to be “safe” – for now. Many thanks for your time. Yvonne Moore – moorey1984@oregonfast.net

    • Jordan Loa

      Thanks for the question, Yvonne!

      To answer your question about the T lamps… Maybe. It all depends on the ballast inside the fixture, as they may not be compatible with the other T lamps. As far as the halogen lamps are concerned, they will continue to work. All that’s happening there is just reduced wattage.

      Hope this helps!

  • Diane L.

    Great website. Could you do an article on using LED lighting for utility task lighting–like in basements/studios/workspaces?

    • http://www.1000bulbs.com Will Parsons

      Great suggestion, Diane! We’ll look into getting that written up.