The Lights You Need to Navigate your Home at Night

Nov 28, 14 The Lights You Need to Navigate your Home at Night

The house is dark and everyone’s asleep except you. You want to head to the kitchen to grab a midnight snack, but you don’t want to turn on bright overhead lights that will hurt your eyes and leak under doors. You have a few night lights plugged in here and there, but unfortunately they aren’t too helpful for finding appliances or safely walking downstairs. It looks to us like you’re in need of proper night lighting. Using certain lights at night will serve vital safety and practical purposes without resulting in unnecessary illumination and wasted energy. We recommend the fixtures below to help you navigate the night without mishaps.

Night Lights

SAT-75034Night lights are the most basic tool at your disposal when it comes to subtle nighttime illumination.  Since they are left on for such long periods of time, we recommend LED night lights to minimize energy usage. Night lights are best used in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens; however, they are limited to places with outlets, and outlets aren’t always positioned where you need light. That’s why, although useful, night lights aren’t your all-in-one solution when it comes to lighting your home at night.

Light Switches with Locator Lights

So maybe you have night lights in your hallways to guide you to other rooms in your home. But once you get to your destination, it’s finally safe to turn on the lights. Many of us understand the aggravation of fumbling around in the dark to find light switches. Luckily, these light switches with small locator lights can help you out. These lights feature a small LED that emits light just bright enough to locate it in the dark, but not so bright that its glow will disrupt an otherwise dark room.

Step Lights

stoplightsIndoors or outdoors, stairs can be pretty risky in the dark. While 99% of the time holding onto the railing is sufficient to guide your journey, the consequences of the 1% of the time it isn’t can be pretty dire. By installing step lights alongside your stairs, you can avoid making a grave misstep. We recommend using LED technology with wireless and motion-sensing options for ease of installation and energy-efficiency.

Motion-Sensing Lights

Wouldn’t it be optimal if lights only lit up on an as-needed basis? That’s the idea behind our vacancy and occupancy sensors. Turning lights on when a person enters a space and off after someone leaves it, these sensors are practical and great for security purposes at night. Simply replace your old wall switches with these motion-sensing ones to enjoy “sensible” night (or even daytime) lighting in any room of your home.  If you’d prefer discreet task lighting at night (such as under cabinet lights, shelf lights, or refrigerator lights) you could also install LED tape light with an LED proximity motion-sensor switch to provide illumination only when and exactly where you need it.

All this being said, if you must leave a room light on all night long it’s better to use an LED light to avoid wasting energy. Security lighting outside your home and subtle or motion-sensing appliance lights (such as in the refrigerator or oven) are useful for night lighting as well. Whether you’re heading to the kitchen for a midnight snack or it’s time for Santa to sneak around your living room, having a little illumination where you need it will help you get to your destinations without harming your eyes or waking up family members.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Lighting a Room

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Every room is different, so devising a unique lighting plan for each one is essential. Bathrooms have different lighting requirements than kitchens, which have still different requirements than living rooms or bedrooms. Moreover, certain fixtures or bulbs are more prominent in some rooms than in others, and sometimes the warm/cool tones or angles of your lights will vary by room as well. To create a lighting scheme best suited to your room, you must start by evaluating your space and lighting needs. Asking yourself these five essential questions will help you make smarter choices when updating your lights.

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LED Strip Light Guide: Troubleshooting

Nov 07, 14 LED Strip Light Guide: Troubleshooting

You’ve already purchased and installed your LED strip light, but unfortunately, it’s not working properly. The last part of our guide, Part 3: Troubleshooting, just might have the answers you’re looking for. Whether highlighting shelves, backlighting cabinets, or outlining furniture, LED strip light can give any space a posh, updated vibe. Yet despite all its appeal, strip light requires an array of unfamiliar parts which can cause unforeseen problems. Today, our lighting specialist Tim Stolar addresses some of the most common issues with LED strip light.

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LED Strip Light Guide: Installation

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So you’ve already read Part 1: Purchasing Considerations of our LED strip light guide. Or maybe you already knew what you needed to buy. Nonetheless, you’re ready to set up your LED strip light with Part 2: Installation. So let’s get started!

As you probably already know, LED strip light is ideal for creating beautiful backlight accents and other artistic lighting effects. However, strip light is a bit more complicated to set up than regular light bulbs, requiring an array of unfamiliar parts. While setting up tape light may seem overwhelming at first, it’s actually quite simple once you understand all its components and their functions. Luckily, we’re here to break it down. Using the checklist below, you will be able to properly install your LED lighting arrangement, problem-free.

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