Full Spectrum Lighting

Full Spectrum Lighting

Full spectrum lighting is an industry term for lighting which offers wavelengths from all parts of the light spectrum. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation visible to the human eye. There is a range of the electromagnetic radiation wavelengths. The visible light lies between the infrared and ultraviolet frequencies in this range. Most household and commercial lighting only uses part of this range of visible light. This is due to the technology used in the bulb. The light coming from a light bulb can affect many things in both the plant and animal worlds.

Why is full spectrum lighting a concern for many? There are three main areas of concern. The first is the ability of light to affect human moods. Many people experience depression and down moods during the winter months. As the sun goes south, the amount of natural light humans experience goes down. In some people, this can cause an imbalance in their body chemistry. While scientists do not know the exact cause, the effects of bright light therapy on these patients show the indirect cause. People suffering with this depression, known as seasonal affective disorder, will use light boxes containing bulbs which show full spectrum light. And they show marked improvement with consistent use.

Another reason why full spectrum lighting is a popular item is their use on plants. Some plants thrive year round when exposed to this type of lighting. Many scientists speculate that plants go dormant during the cooler months of the year due to changes in the light spectrum. As the sun goes south, the light wavelengths change. This triggers some plants to go dormant. In order to get around this, some botanists found that lighting from the full spectrum offers plants the energy they need to continue photosynthesis, even during winter. They are popular with home plant enthusiasts and a growing number of nurseries.

A final reason why full spectrum lighting is popular is its use in art. Artists love to work in natural light. It gives them a true reading on the colors they work with as well as the colors of their subject matter. When they do not have a good source of natural light, they turn to bulbs which offer them the full spectrum. Many art galleries use these lights to make sure the works of art in the gallery show true to form. You can find a wide range of these lights at 1000Bulbs.com

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