New Product Spotlight: Kobi LED Light Bulbs

Kobi LED Light Bulb

Do you want to switch to LED lighting but just aren’t ready for the up-front cost? We often recommend switching to LED, but let’s face it: LEDs are expensive, as this week’s Philips $50 LED light bulb debacle made very clear. At 1000Bulbs.com, however, we’re trying to destroy the notion that you can’t afford to go LED.

One of our first steps in that direction is our partnership with Kobi Electric, a manufacturer of low-priced LED light bulbs. This partnership adds 10 new products to our LED lighting selection, including six standard shape LED light bulbs and four LED reflector bulbs.

Our friends at Kobi say they are “established for one purpose: to finally make LED lighting for the home affordable to everyone.” We at 1000Bulbs.com think that’s great, so we’re helping them by pricing their LED bulbs as low as possible. Their 40 watt equal LED is currently around $16 on our website, far less than the usual $25 to $45 you’d pay for a “name brand” LED bulb.

But don’t let the price fool you! These aren’t the junk you find next to the dog food and panty hose at the grocery store. Kobi’s LED light bulbs have some of the most impressive light output we’ve seen, and certainly one of the best warranties. All Kobi LED bulbs carry a warranty that guarantees your bulb will maintain at least 80% of its original light output throughout its 30,000 hour life (about 20 years at 4hrs/day).

We aren’t the only ones singing the praises of Kobi’s products, either. Our customers have consistently rated Kobi’s bulbs with 4 and 5-star reviews. Check out this customer review for a Kobi LED R30 flood light: “The Kobi bulbs are very bright, very well designed bulbs. I am impressed how much light they produce for so little power. I calculate that they will pay for themselves within 1-2 years.”

Other reviewers praise Kobi’s dimming capability, and for good reason. Most LED light bulbs, if they even are dimmable, are compatible with a very restricted list of dimmers. That means in addition to buying a $25 bulb, you also need to buy and install a new dimmer. This isn’t the case with Kobi. They’ve made sure their LED bulbs are compatible with the most popular dimmers in homes today, and even provide a pamphlet of recommended dimmers just in case.

So Kobi LED bulbs are inexpensive, excellent quality, and dimmable. What more do you need? Pick up a few and let us know what you think!

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Benjamin is a writer for 1000Bulbs.com.

  • GeorgeB

    I bought the Philips 17A21/END/2700 DIM 6/1 LED, 17W, 75W equivalent a year ago. I installed it in the fixture above the kitchen table – a light that is on 16 hrs a day, at least.
    So far, it’s working great and the CRI is excellent (my wife accepted it – the ultimate test). The bulb itself looks strange with the deep yellow panels, but once you turn it on, it turns into a great white. Another bonus: that particular fixture has bad ventilation, so the incandescent lamps failed prematurely, due to the heat ‘accumulation’. With this LED (17W) there is no such problem. It claims 23,000 hrs (point that it will be 70% of the initial 1,100 Lumens or 770 Lumens)…I will watch it and see how it goes :-)
    BOTTOM LINE: Very happy with this purchase, even at the price of $40 at Home Depot.

    • Benjamin Rorie

      Glad to hear it! By the way, I should point out that we have the 12W version of that Philips LED for significantly less than $40 :)

      • GeorgeB

        Thank you. The 800 Lumens is OK for a 60W replacement, but I need the 1,100Lumens, if not more!
        BTW, I’ve been doing professional lighting designs for the past 40+ yrs and this LED’s are the first good product for a home, that I can remember…almost like the HPS lamp was for industrial installations, back in the ’70’s :-)
        BTW2, I hate CFL’s!

  • http://www.facebook.com/markj.stalling Mark J Stalling

    LED Christmas lights are energy efficient and durable. can we replace a christmas light bulb with a led bulb.

    • Jordan Loa

      Thanks for the question, Mark!

      Before we can answer that, what kind of bulbs are you using? C7? C9?

  • Caryl Anne

    Thanks for sharing this review! They sound like a great light option worth checking into!