1000Bulbs.com Honored by Dallas 100™ Award from SMU Cox School of Business for 8th Consecutive Year

Nov 27, 14 1000Bulbs.com Honored by Dallas 100™ Award from SMU Cox School of Business for 8th Consecutive Year

Internet lighting retailer 1000Bulbs.com has been honored by the Dallas 100™ Awards for the eighth consecutive year, placing 28th amongst 100 of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Dallas area for 2014. Since placing 88th in 2007, this is the highest 1000Bulbs.com has been ranked on the prestigious awards list yet. 1000Bulbs.com is one of the few online retailers to receive an award this year.

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Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

Nov 27, 14 Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

Every year you’ll find fantastic deals for Black Friday.  And while we’re as glad as any to give you access to huge discounts on products, we know that the long lines, early mornings, and cold weather following a sedate Thanksgiving can be a huge shock to the system (not to mention the ferocious press of people all seeking the same great deals in-store).  That’s why we recommend the relaxed and warm environment of Cyber Monday, so you can get great deals from the comfort of your couch.  At 1000Bulbs.com we have something for everyone, from commercial fixtures and residential lighting to Christmas decorations and the ubiquitous AA battery.  But it’s best to plan ahead since access to all of these great prices is only on December 1, 2014, and once they go live, they’ll sell out fast!

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1000Bulbs.com Unveils Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Nov 25, 14 1000Bulbs.com Unveils Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Shoppers are able to enjoy Black Friday sales each weekend in November at 1000Bulbs.com. New sales will be announced every Friday which will last through to the following Sunday. All previous sales will once again be offered on the actual day of Black Friday on November 28, with the addition of several other incredibly priced items. A few extra surprises are waiting until Cyber Monday. All product quantities are limited due to deep discounts and supply.

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Comparing Traditional and Digital Billboards

Nov 12, 14 Comparing Traditional and Digital Billboards

You pass them on your way to work, running errands or while riding along the freeway. Massive, colorful and clever, billboards are forms of advertisement meant to attract attention. Billboards are meant to be captivating enough to pull your eyes away from the road for a second, but not so eye catching that you swerve into another driver’s lane. Though traditional billboards are still popular, the move to digitally engineered LED billboards is seeing a steady increase.


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How to Light your Jewelry Display

Nov 05, 14 How to Light your Jewelry Display

Blue diamond engagement rings should speak for themselves. So should the other gorgeous jewels inside the cases across your shop. Yet even with unique hand cut diamonds and superb pricing, your merchandise still has to leave a ‘sparkle’ in the customers’ eyes. The most common sentence uttered in a jewelry store? “It just doesn’t shine enough.”

One of the biggest attractions when visiting a jewelry store is seeing the dazzle of the diamonds. Without that dazzle, no matter how lovely or interesting the jewels being sold are, individuals are not as attracted to the merchandise. Lighting plays an especially crucial role when discussing the “four C’s” of diamonds, which are clarity, cut, color and carat. For each of these qualities to be seen properly, diamonds must be placed in the proper lighting. Lighting in the store and inside of display cases should complement diamonds , and  entice buyers.

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1000Bulbs.com Now Offers Direct Plug-In T8 LED Light Bulbs

Oct 29, 14 1000Bulbs.com Now Offers Direct Plug-In T8 LED Light Bulbs

Great news for those looking to upgrade their T8 fluorescent tubes to LED—1000Bulbs.com now offers direct plug-inT8 LED Light Bulbs. These direct plug-in lamps are easy to install into existing lampholders, requiring no electrical rewiring and no need to change the ballast. Simply swap out your old fluorescent tubes with these ballast-compatible LED versions.

Our direct plug-in T8 LED lamps are compatible with ballasts that are instant, programmed, or magnetic start. They use half the energy of their fluorescent counterparts, last twice as long, and are more durable. They have instant-on operation without flickering, and meet UL and DLC standards. These features make direct plug-in T8 LED light bulbs the superior choice for commercial and residential lighting.

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