5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Lighting a Room

Nov 14, 14 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Lighting a Room

Every room is different, so devising a unique lighting plan for each one is essential. Bathrooms have different lighting requirements than kitchens, which have still different requirements than living rooms or bedrooms. Moreover, certain fixtures or bulbs are more prominent in some rooms than in others, and sometimes the warm/cool tones or angles of your lights will vary by room as well. To create a lighting scheme best suited to your room, you must start by evaluating your space and lighting needs. Asking yourself these five essential questions will help you make smarter choices when updating your lights.

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LED Strip Light Guide: Troubleshooting

Nov 07, 14 LED Strip Light Guide: Troubleshooting

You’ve already purchased and installed your LED strip light, but unfortunately, it’s not working properly. The last part of our guide, Part 3: Troubleshooting, just might have the answers you’re looking for. Whether highlighting shelves, backlighting cabinets, or outlining furniture, LED strip light can give any space a posh, updated vibe. Yet despite all its appeal, strip light requires an array of unfamiliar parts which can cause unforeseen problems. Today, our lighting specialist Tim Stolar addresses some of the most common issues with LED strip light.

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Creating a Lovely Winter Wonderland

Oct 30, 14 Creating a Lovely Winter Wonderland

It’s almost time to break out the wool coats and open up the fireplace again. Winter is a wonderful time of year filled with fun holidays, family gatherings, gorgeous decorations and all the turkey you could ever eat. During these chilly times it’s important to keep your home feeling warm and looking beautiful on the inside and out. Here are a few lighting tips to create your very own winter wonderland.

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Lighting Tips for Home Photography

Oct 27, 14 Lighting Tips for Home Photography

Photography is a very difficult and competitive field, but it’s possible to improve your own home pictures with a little training and some clever lighting techniques.  “A trick of the light” is more than just an excuse; proper application of soft light, hard light, shadows, and positions can bring your home photography to life.  Be warned, once you improve your own pictures, you’ll be handed the camera at every event with friends and family.

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The Importance of Restaurant Lighting

Oct 15, 14 The Importance of Restaurant Lighting

After a long work week, you’re ready to visit your favorite, cozy and quaint restaurant. The service is pretty good, and the food is exceptional, but your attraction to this place has more to do with the ambiance. After an hour or so here, you completely forget about that stressful thing called a job. With a “switch” in settings, the weekend has officially begun.

Whether you’re going for a casual dinner or a more upscale meal, proper lighting plays a major role in your dining experience.  The lighting in a restaurant affects many elements, including food presentation, mood lighting and overall gratification. 

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