The Great Easter Week LED Giveaway!

Scary Easter Bunny

While your kids are out egg hunting this weekend, you can have some fun, too!

Enter the 1000Bulbs.com Easter Week LED Giveaway by completing the super easy tasks below. In just a few clicks, you’ll be entered to win one of three of our most popular LED light bulbs.

We’re running this through next Friday, so be sure to get your friends to enter, too. If they win, you can probably guilt-trip them into giving you the prize!

Here are the steps:

1. Sign in to the contest form below either with Facebook or your email address.
2. Click “+1 Do It!” on the first task. Then, in the comments area below this blog post, say which of the three prizes you prefer and why.
3. Click “+1 Do It!” on the second task and follow the instructions to subscribe to the 1000Bulbs.com blog by email. Click the green “ENTER!” button when you’re done.
4. (Optional) Click “+1 Do It!” on the third task, then follow the instructions to follow @1000bulbs on Twitter. Click the green “ENTER!” button when you’re done.

That’s all. We’ll let you know the week of April 16th if you’ve won!

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Benjamin is a writer for 1000Bulbs.com.

  • Abby Kraynick

    60W Equal LED A-Shape Bulb – 2 Pack. I have been told by the people at Home Depot that they are VERY bight & will save me money

    • Benjamin

      Congratulations, Abby! Like we discussed on Facebook, you’re one of our winners. Your bulbs will be in the mail next week.

  • Tamara B.

    I would love the 60W Equal LED A-Shape Bulb – 2 Pack because 60 watt is what I use now and the lighting is perfect. Love saving money and energy!

  • lee garcia

    I never use equal led bulbs yet,but i am ready to.

  • http://neighborgreen.com Joanie D

    I want to win the 60W equal A-shaped bulb -2pack to replace some CFLs in the hanging light over the stairs. When I go to bed I like to leave a dimmed light on for late arriving teenagers, the CFL just isn’t cutting it with old dimmer switch.

    Of course the further energy savings is nice too when those same teens forget to shut it off altogether!

  • bk

    After a couple of purchases from 1000bulbs it would be nice to get something more for my time and money. Perhaps the A-shape 2 pack.

  • Leoslocks

    60W Equal LED A-Shape Bulb – 2 Pack.
    I am moving toward an all LED lit house. I hope to live as long as the bulbs.

  • Harrison Hamada

    I’d prefer the 60W A shape, but I could use any of the three in my house. The reason I would prefer that shape is because that shape would get the most use, hence the most savings in electricity for my family and the environment.

    I’m really excited that LED is becoming efficient enough to compete with CFL which I do not like because of the mercury put into the environment at the time of disposal

  • Justin

    I would like the par 38 works well in a spot and runs off my inverter on the truck

    • Benjamin

      Congratulations, Justin. You’re one of our winners! Keep an eye out for an email from us.

  • Alex

    60 watt A-types.

  • Alex

    60 watt A type. That is the style I use the most in
    a regular fixture.

  • Gary Watson

    I like the PAR 38 for replacement of my present bulb that takes to long to come up to brightness.

  • Norm Scawthorn

    I would like to see a par 38 shine on my American flag that I proudly fly 24/7.

  • Dennis Winkley

    60W A-Shape is the only one of the three I use.

  • Bryan Shue

    I want to replace the 4 appliance bulbs in my refrigerator as they are HOT when they are on and I don’t need to HEAT my COLD FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • judy

    pls send me more detail

    • Benjamin

      I’m not sure what you mean, Judy. About the bulbs or about the contest?

  • Mike

    I like all three, but I’m particularly interested in the PAR 38 lamp. I love downlighting – nearly every room in my house is lit from recessed cans!

    • Benjamin

      Congratulations, Mike. You’re one of our winners! Keep an eye out for an email from us.

  • Mike Buechner

    Want to see how bright the 60w is!

  • David Max

    Definitely the Par38 for our recessed lighting fixtures. I’ll put it into the highest least accessible socket so that I won’t have to do that again for a few years. I have a lot of CFL, but they are slow to come to full brightness.

  • patty watson

    60watt shape a bulb i would want to win cuz i don’t have a chandelier and i believe the other one is for the tv? which my tv don’t need a bulb so the first one i would want to win

    • Benjamin

      The other one is a PAR38. It’s a floodlight for recessed cans.

  • Anthony

    60w equivalent led bulbs