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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

If you are trying to find something special for dear ol’ Dad that isn’t socks or a tie, let us give you some out-of-the-box suggestions for gifts that Pop can really use. Naturally, we have some lights in mind but there are several different gifts you can get for the father-figure in your life.

Save Him Some Cash

Cree LED A19 Bulb

What better way to say “Thanks, Dad” than to line his pockets with cash—indirectly, that is. Cree’s LED light bulb maintains the traditional design and warm white glow of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. But the gift comes in the form of energy saved; the most recent generation of this LED consumes only 11 watts of power. That’s up to an 85% reduction in energy costs. The 25,000-hour life span and the generous 10-year warranty are just few other reasons why this bulb was featured in Men’s Journal as part of their list for “The Greatest Gear of the 21st Century”.

Keep His Cigars Fresh

Pocket-sized stainless steel humidor

Got a Dad who likes to roll his own cigars? A practical humidor will keep his tobacco fresh, ensuring every puff is at its finest. These stainless steel containers range from pocket-sized to 2 liters worth of party-sized storage. So if this Father’s Day includes a jaunt into the woods, Dad’s little slice of luxury will stay safe and sound.

Get His DIY Done Easy

10-watt LED work light

Some of us have fathers who like to do it all. Why not buy the amateur mechanic/carpenter/handyman you love a set of work lights? Lightweight and flexible, powered by either a standard outlet or using an adapter for Dad’s car, these simple 10-watt LED work lights give your dad the light he needs to pursue his latest fixer-upper.


Make His Gardening Easier

Analog Water Timer by HydroFarm

For those green-thumbed Dads, a water timer is thoughtful gift. This analog water timer by HydroFarm attaches to the common garden hose and requires only 2 AAA batteries. Now all Dad has to do is turn the knobs and set the watering frequency from 1 hour to 1 week with a run time of 1 minute to 2 hours. It’s a great gift of convenience, allowing him more time to do the pruning or planting he loves.

Give Him a Hobby

Aquaponics "Water Garden"

If your father doesn’t have a hobby yet or wants to pick up a new one, he may be delighted by this unique gift. The “Water Garden” is a 3-gallon aquaponics starter kit, acting as garden on top to grow plants and a fish tank below. Basil and wheatgrass seeds are included but whatever kind of plant Daddy Dearest chooses to grow, the greenery acts as a natural filter for the fish tank while the excretion from the fish fertilizes the mini-garden. The fish are not included; however we’ve got you covered, since this tank comes with a coupon for a Betta fish from Petco.

Upgrade His Man Cave

Lutron Maestro LED dimmer switch
Curtis Mathes LED Downlight

Maybe Dad has a place where he can just “get away” from it all. We dare you to intrude upon his Fortress of Manliness and give him an upgrade he can appreciate. Elevate your Dad’s man cave by installing dimmers and LED downlights. This particular gift has some assembly required. However, an LED downlight retrofit could be as simple as screwing in a light bulb. The 65-watt equal Curtis Mathes 6-inch LED downlight module comes with two adapters, one for your household screw-in E26 socket and one for GU24 sockets. While dimmer installation isn’t for the electrical novice, you could hire an electrician to replace the original switches with LED-compatible dimmer switches to match Dad’s new lighting. With these improvements, Dad can watch his ballgame, action movie, or just doze off in style.

Smarten Up His House

Lutron Smart Bridge with Home Kit

As an early adopter of technology, Dad has to have the latest and greatest in tech gear. You can really raise his eyebrows with the Lutron Smart Bridge for Lutron’s Caseta wireless devices and shades. The Smart Bridge can control up to 50 devices, allowing your Dad to turn lights on or off, dim lights, set lighting schedules, or control the thermostat from the Lutron app. Dad can pull pranks on his buddies, convincing them that his macho abode is haunted by flickering the lights with his Apple Watch.

Did you enjoy our gift list or do you have more ideas to add? Leave your comments, questions, and even your best “Disasters Dad Bribed Me Never to Tell Mom About” stories in the area below. Find more lighting gifts, tips, and ridiculous lighting fails on our Facebook, TwitterGoogle Plus, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. The 1000Bulbs.com staff wishes you and your beloved male role model a Happy Father’s Day while reminding you to always laugh at “Dad” jokes.

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