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Light Up Dad’s Garage this Father’s Day 2018

Light Up Dad’s Garage this Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day 2018 is quickly approaching; while the go-to gifts of neckties and ‘Awesome Dad’ mugs are great, this is the year to make Dad feel extra special with a gift he can really use.

For the King of the Shop


Is the garage or workshop your dad’s personal kingdom? Consider LED shop lights, available with or without a pull-chain. These fixtures produce a cool white light that helps reduce eye strain and improve visibility. Give Dad the gift of better visibility while he’s measuring, hammering, and building. These light fixtures are quick to install, easily suspended with a chain, and ready to be plugged in. If Dad has a large space, look for shop lights that have the option of being linked together to create rows.

For the Home Improvement Enthusiast

For a dad who likes to do fun DIY projects around the home, get him some tape light or rope light. The application possibilities for both are endless. Rope light can be used under cabinets to provide additional light for counter tops, or used for porches, decks, and gazebos as fun accent lighting. Tape light is flat and easier to conceal, making it a good choice for back lighting his TV or computer monitor. You can also bring some light to pools and fountains by giving him waterproof tape light.


For the Music Lover

If your dad loves listening to music, then take a look at our LED Bluetooth speaker downlights. These retrofit downlights fit into 6-inch housings, sync up to any Bluetooth device, and can be wirelessly connected to up to 7 additional units. Pair them to a Bluetooth enabled TV to create a wireless sound system. Put one in the bathroom so he can sing in the shower (or to potentially drown out said singing). They can even be installed on covered patios, making parties and barbeques more fun.

For the Traveling Dad

Make sure your dad is ready for his next road or camping trip by putting together an emergency car kit. In addition to things like flashlights and road flares include a battery tester. Our ZTS multi-battery tester is for lead acid type batteries, ranging from 2 Volts to 12 Volts. This covers your cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and more. It comes with a 48-inch test leads and has an easy to read LED display that indicates what percentage your battery is at.


For the Master of Lights

Does your dad hate it when lights are left on for no reason or is he the forgetful one? Either way, the Lutron Smart Bridge and assortment of wireless control switches might be right up his alley. With the Smart Bridge, your dad can operate up to 50 devices with his phone, tablet, or Apple Watch. He can even control the thermostat, so be prepared for it to be either really hot or really cold.


For the Bug Hater

Whether your dad is tired of flies buzzing in the garage or mosquitoes snacking on him while he’s grilling on the deck, give him a way to eliminate the pests with a Paraclipse insect control system. Catching over 1,000 flies a month, the Fly Control can be wall mounted or set on a flat surface. The Mosquito Eliminator can be used outside on the deck or patio, and can catch over 6,000 of the biting little pests every 30 days.

Which of these suggestions is right for your dad? Do you have more ideas you want to add? Leave your thoughts in a comment below, or tell us about the best gift you’ve ever given your dad. You can also find more ideas on our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Pinterest pages.

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