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Top 5 Best Rated Products to Kick Off 2018

Top 5 Best Rated Products to Kick Off 2018

Happy New Year! The beginning of the New Year is a great time to improve your lighting. From energy efficient LED alternatives to antique replicas, here are our best rated products to ring in 2018 in style.

LED Wall Pack - PLT-10831


Whether you’re lighting a parking garage or the side of a building, the PLT E1112 LED wall pack is a cut above the rest. This wall pack comes with an optional shade to help cut down light pollution while the type III light distribution helps direct the light forward. The stark white (5000 Kelvin) light emitted by this LED wall pack has been shown to increase night time visibility making it a great choice for security lighting.

F32T8 Tube Light - PHILIPS-281550

The Philips 281550 T8 bulbs are more than your average fluorescent T8 tube light. These Alto II Series F32T8s contain about 50 percent less mercury than most fluorescent tubes without sacrificing Lumen output and lamp life. The 4100 Kelvin color temperature is a cool white in appearance and can help improve productivity in work spaces. Sold in cases of 30, these lamps are just the thing for businesses or just stocking up. Plus, they’re made in the good ol’ USA, so you can rest assured they’re manufactured with quality in mind.

LED Ready Strip Fixture - PLT-20015


From garages to warehouses, the PLT 20015 LED ready strip fixture is the go-to choice for upgrading to LED lighting. This 8-foot strip fixture is designed for any four 4-foot direct wire LED tube lights positioned in two rows of two. The LED tubes are not included so you control the color temperature and Lumen output that’s most appropriate for your application. With flexible mounting options and easy installation, this strip light is perfect for a wide variety of spaces, both commercial and residential.

LED Tube Light - LEDT-10024CS

Direct wire LED tube lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to convert linear fluorescent fixture to LED technology, and these T8 LEDs are a great example of why. Emitting 1750 Lumens of cool white, 4100 Kelvin light with just 12.5 Watts, these LED tubes are far more energy efficient then their 32-Watt fluorescent tube equivalents and last far longer as well. Plus, they’ll work with the PLT 20015 strip fixture mentioned above.

ST58 Edison Bulb - PLT-40003


You can’t go wrong with the classics, and this PLT Edison light bulb is certainly a classic. This antique bulb is designed to resemble the first light bulb invented by Thomas Edison and is a customer favorite for building custom lamps or simply adding a vintage feel to light fixtures. With its eye-catching squirrel cage filament and softly tinted amber glass, this bulb is made to be seen and shown off.

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