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10 Ways to Decorate for Christmas Without a Tree

10 Ways to Decorate for Christmas Without a Tree


When talking about Christmas decorations, one of the first things that come to mind for most is a Christmas tree. However, for some a tree is out of the question. Whether your home doesn’t have the space for a tree or have an adventurous cat that won’t stop climbing up the branches, there are several alternatives for you.

1. Bring Out the Garland

Christmas garland is a very flexible and customizable holiday decoration. This type of Christmas greenery is available with or without lights and can be personalized by adding artificial holly branches, pine cones, or ribbon. You can even use clothes pins to attach Christmas cards.

2. Glam Up Your Doorways

Doorways are a very traditional place to hang garland. Hang it across the top so it drapes down both sides of the door. Doorway garland is a great place to add ornaments and of course mistletoe. You can also tie in things like vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks to make your home smell like the holidays.


3. Make a Statement with the Mantle

Use your mantle space as a place to display smaller gift boxes, more personalized garland, small potted greenery, and stocking. Add some light with battery operated Christmas lights. Mantles make an excellent focal point in the living room, especially when there isn’t a tree to compete with.

4. Decorate the Windows


Whether inside or outside and from battery operated candles to more garland, your windows can use some holiday cheer. Drape garland around the window in the same way you would a doorway, line the top with icicle lights, place an LED candle on the stile, or fill your flower box with greenery and oversized ornaments. For kitchen windows, swap out your everyday curtains and valences with holiday themed ones or even vintage-style aprons.

5. Snowfall Chandelier

This is the perfect Christmas DIY for those with a chandelier and kids. Make a bunch of paper snowflakes and hang them from the chandelier to bring a piece of a winter wonderland inside.

6. Wine Glass Dioramas

Much like snow globes, dioramas are miniature models of various scenes enclosed in glass. With some faux snow, holiday themed figurines, and some crafting skills, you can make a tiny Christmas village. Use upside down wine glasses with stems to encase each scene and place a candle (real or battery powered) on top.

7. Wreath Wall

Have a solid wall with plenty of blank space in your living room? Hang several wreaths in varying sizes to create a unique focal point in your holiday display. Add pops of color with ornaments, faux birds, artificial holly branches, or ribbon.

8. Colorful Centerpiece


If your turkey and ham aren’t taking up the majority of your dining room table, adding a centerpiece is an option for your holiday decor. Use a small wreath or garland with LED candles in its center adding any cheerful extras. The centerpiece is another great place to add some battery operated Christmas lights.

9. Festive Place Settings

Mix and match dishes, napkins, and place mats for interesting place settings. Add some finishing touches like flexible holly branches or jingle bells tie around napkins or glass stems. Set the table before family and friends show up so they have the time to admire the set up.


10. Decorate Dining Room Chairs

An area that is often overlooked when decorating is the back of dining room chairs. Attach ribbon to the top of the chair and hang a small wreath, pine cones, or ornaments from it. You can also drape short lengths of garland across the top and use clothes pins to attach name cards.

+1 Bonus Washi Tape Tree

Have your heart set on a tree? You can create an alternative tree by placing washi tape in a tree pattern on a blank section of wall. Use different colors for the “garland” and clear tape or push pins to attach a few ornaments.

Know any other ways to decorate for the holidays without a tree? Leave your ideas in the comments section below. For all of your holiday decor needs, be sure to check out our Christmas lighting section. Merry Christmas

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