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Holey String Light DIYs, Batman!

Holey String Light DIYs, Batman!

With summer upon us, you may find yourself with a couple more hours of daylight perfect for a couple DIYs. Whether you want to summon the aid of a caped crusader or catch a glimpse of the stars any time of day, if you have a free afternoon and some battery-powered string lights, these DIY projects are just the thing.

Tin Can Lantern

Whether it’s a smaller soup can or a large popcorn tin, with a little elbow grease you can transform it into a pretty sweet lantern.

What you need:

  • Metal tin can

  • Spray paint

  • A power drill

  • Pattern template of your choice (like a Batman logo)

  • String lights

Step one: After you’ve eaten your vegetables (or caramel popcorn, if you’re lucky), remove the labels from the outside and thoroughly wash the tin.

Step two: Either tape down or trace your template onto the can. Drill holes along the lines about half an inch part. Don’t try to go really fast here to avoid denting the tin.

Step three: Apply several thin coats of spray paint until any designs are covered. Let dry completely.

Step four: Place your string lights inside the tin. Make sure the battery pack is positioned in the center of the lights to avoid unwanted shadows.

Step five: Flip the switch. Close the lid. Wait for Batman.

Canvas Constellation

If you love the stars, why not bring them inside? With some paint and your string lights, you can make a piece of art for any aspiring astronomer.

What you need:

  • Black canvas

  • Blue paint and a round sponge

  • A nail

  • Tape

  • Pattern of your favorite constellation

  • String lights

Step one: Paint your canvas to look like the night sky. You can do this by using watered down paint on a round sponge and applying it to the canvas in circular pattern. Let dry completely.

Step two: Using the constellation pattern (we picked Orion) as your guide, carefully poke holes into the canvas with a nail from front of the canvas to the back. You may want to use an X-Acto knife to widen the holes so more light shows through it.

Step three: Turn the painting over and tape down the string lights so that there’s a bulb on top of every hole and the battery pack can rest on the wooden frame. We used wide angle LED string lights to make Orion really shine. Pay attention to the number of stars in your constellation versus the number of individual bulbs on your string of lights. You don’t want to miss lighting up Betelgeuse.

Step four: Flip the switch. Hang it up. Enjoy.

Do you have any other creative ways to use battery-operated string lights? Drop your ideas in the comment section below and you might see it in our next DIY project. For more fun lighting ideas, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest and send us your results.

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