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When to Call an Electrician Part 2

When to Call an Electrician Part 2

It’s official: your office lighting has not been updated since bell bottoms were in style the first time around. Needless to say, your company could really use a lighting update. But, upgrading the lighting in your business, along with maintaining a backup generator, are not simple fixes. You will definitely need to call an electrician. Let’s take a closer look at these issues and a few helpful electrical tips.

Retrofitting Lights 

Maintaining appropriate lighting in any business is incredibly important. Whether employees work primarily in an office or warehouse setting, you have to ensure proper lighting. Poor or outdated lighting can affect workers productivity and even contribute to higher maintenance costs. For example, according to Energy Trust of Oregon, lighting in some commercial buildings can cost upwards of 35 percent in electricity when they are not incorporating more energy efficient light sources, such as LED fixtures and lighting controls.

All work facilities or buildings are required to obtain a minimum amount of light both in the interior and exterior of the building or facility. A licensed electrician will know the most recent compliance codes as it relates to lighting in a commercial building. The electrician will also be aware of wiring and how to best retrofit or change current lighting without tampering with other electrical systems.

Commercial Generators

Calls are coming in left and right. The entire floor is bustling with business, then before you can say millions, everyone’s computer screens turn pitch black and production has ceased.

Commercial generators serve several purposes. During a power outage, generators maintain power to appliances, preserve warmth for your employees in the midst of cold weather, and computer data is less likely to be lost during power outages. The generator ensures that everything electrical continues to run normally. You can also describe generators as uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

Commercial generators are usually categorized as standby or portable. Standby generators prevent disruptions of electricity and are typically run by propane which is considered a clean burning fuel, or natural gas. Portable generators are somewhat different. Easier to use, these can be plugged into appliances using extension cords or, wired into the subpanel. The subpanel sends information to different branch circuits. A certified electrician would safely know how to set up and establish wiring to connect your generator properly into the service panel without overloading the generator.

A Few Tips

Lights and generators are the primary reasons you will have to call an electrician out to your place of business, but there are also a few things you can do to help your business along the way.

  • Check your electrical loads when plugging in new appliances.
  • Do not clutter electrical panels.
  • Maintain at least 3-4 feet of clearance for electrical equipment.
  • Never use your electrical room for storage, this is both hazardous to your business and serves as a barricade when electricians need to make repairs.

So whether you are expanding your business to new facilities or you need to make some lighting or generator updates, speaking to an electrician is imperative.  When it comes to electrical maintenance in your business remember, it’s always best to have it done right. Be sure to stay tuned for the finale of our saga, When to Call an Electrician.  This time we’ll talk about when to call an electrician to your home.  If you haven't already, don't forget to check out part 1. Have any questions or comments? Feel free to write your comments and questions in the section below and as always drop us a line on Facebook, TwitterGoogle Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram!

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